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  1. Thumbs in Cambridge

    Hi guys. I'm not super active on the forums (real life gets in the way sometimes), but was just wondering if there are any thumbs based in Cambridge UK? just moved here from Dublin to work in Cambridge University Press. Drop me a line if anyone feels like meeting a fellow thumb. Cheers, Neil.
  2. Thumbs in Cambridge

    Thanks man. Is this actual Ben Ward? If I find Chris who should I say is saying hello? I keep meaning to properly do some Twine work. Made a prototype D&D adventure game to teach probability which was fun. Thanks for responding anyways!
  3. Music of Zelda through Irish Trad

    Hey guys. Don't post here enough but thought some of you might be interested. I attended the iDIG festival (Internation Dublin Gaming Music Festival) here in Dublin earlier this year. Had a fantastic time listening to Russell Brower, Christopher Tin, Neal Acree and Eimear Noone. There was also a seriously powerful performance of video game music by the DIT Trad ensemble, particularly of the Zelda themes. Eimear Noone conducted their live performance so very close to her. Anyways, check out some of the shoddy recordings here for badass uilleann pipes. You may also be interested in a Kickstarter for a recorded CD. Cheers friends!
  4. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    In to agree on Super Metroid. It was the first game I had that I felt treated me like a 'grown up' rather than being a kids game. I was still in primary school while playing it but I got my hands on one of those big illustrated guides for it. I think at that point I kind of understood that design was such an important element. Apologies if I've missed it but have you all read the gamasutra 'Invisible hand of Super Metroid' article?
  5. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    Added! I'm in Dublin for work but a Co. Clare man at heart.
  6. Idle Thumbs 117: Sir! Sir!

    It's weird that Dyson's breathing stands out in my memory too. Disappointed that Chris didn't just interrupt the conversation with a classic 'Stop it!' (Arnie voice). Reassuring to know that Jake is our Lord and Saviour though. His soft downy feathers will protect us all.
  7. Crusader Kings II: The Triumph of Ragnar

    Spoiler If they park their troops in Ulster surely Scottish dudes will get all messed up trying to cross and attack? I seem to remember that working for me at various points.
  8. Dota Today 6: The Hoove Oeuvre, with Greg Kasavin

    Any chance of getting a Dota stream from Sean while he sits at home with his broken leg? Get well soon King Vanaman. Are us Irish thumbs now his vassals?
  9. Crusader Kings II: The Triumph of Ragnar

    Agreed Berzee, I've just been listening while collating maths proofs at work. Much laughter was had at Nenagh becoming NeeNag. No way the guys could have it right though in fairness.
  10. Crusader Kings II: The Triumph of Ragnar

    Photos of your headquarters in Co. Clare Munster. Bunratty Castle
  11. Crusader Kings II: The Triumph of Ragnar

    So funny hearing these guys pronounce place names etc. from where I grew up. Nenagh = Nee-Nah (soft gh not 'nag') Donnchadh = Duh-Nuh-Kah (went to school with a lad called this) Killaloe = Kill-a-loo Munster for life! Edit: I started a new playthrough of this yesterday starting in Munster too. I'm currently King of Ireland, thought I could keep the English out by fighting alongside Norway. Scotland sneaks in and takes Northern Ireland in bascially the same shape as current Northern Ireland. I'm not a hardcore Republican or anything but it still made me sad... Also now the Queen of Norway is trying to murder the hell out of me and I have just barely survived several assasination attempts.
  12. Dota Today 6: The Hoove Oeuvre, with Greg Kasavin

    JiggzSawpuzzle, I cannot tell you how much it pleases me to see your Provost Zakharov avatar. I'm almost tempted to set up a spam account as Miriam and harass you around the forums.
  13. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Greetings Thumbs! I started listening to Ep 1 a few weeks after the Kickstarter I think. By the time I listened up to when the Kickstarter was launched I was sad that I had missed it. Only joining the forum now after much lurking and hovering. I read some Rock, Paper, Shotgun, stayed up too late playing Game Dev Tycoon last night, I regularly watch MMA and enjoy being angry about politics. That's me. Slán!
  14. Idle Thumbs 115: Robot News

    Jake Rodkin's enunciation makes me happy
  15. Steven Erikson and The Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Signed up just to weigh in. Stevie destroys me. Love the Malazan series so much. For any newcomers, yes it is dense, complicated and more philosophical than you may expect but just stick with it and you can turn into another Malazan preachy clone like the rest of us.