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  1. Wildstar

    I'm kinda interested in this game first mmo in years to get my attention If anyone has a NA guest pass they'd be willing to pass along I'd like to try it out. Been burned too many times to drop 60 right away though.
  2. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    For anyone who is thinking of buying Dark Souls for 15 dollars on steam, it's 12.something on Amazon with the promo code "gooncave". Edit: Got- Hotline Miami Dark Souls Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition
  3. Idle Thumbs 115: Robot News

    I'd say that jokes can be art. I'd consider satire to be a category of art, as well as comedians and comedy movies.
  4. There are a lot of worthwhile things on Kickstarter, but there are also so many shady things that I'm starting to be turned off by the entire idea. I dunno if this (millionaire, domain squatter mom uses her daughter as a device to trick money out of well meaning people) has been discussed here. But it's this sort of thing that I'm talking about. I know it's not incredibly common to do something as sleazy as this, but it shows that Kickstarter has no inherent quality control and that people should do some more research before they decide to back something. It does bother me that people view backing a Kickstarter as an investment instead of a gift for something you'd like to see happen.
  5. I'd like to hear about this from their perspective as well.
  6. Idle Thumbs 115: Robot News

    Kinda funny then that Nintendo tried to ban them from streaming "their" content. They would have lost out on reaching 130k people of free advertising (which they desperately need) over an irrational fear of something that at it's most basic level is pretty much just hanging out at a buddy's house watching some friends play smash. It's not like the EVO folks are raking in the millions. Btw, anyone else think that viscera game is edging the line of "games as art" that people talk about so much?
  7. Upcoming books you want to read

    Three books that are coming out relatively soon that I've been waiting on are: 1- The new Steven Erikson book, The Fall of Light. The book is part two of a trilogy that sheds some light on the divinities of his 10 book epic and will surely end up raising more questions that it answers. For those who haven't read Forge of Darkness, the first of the trilogy, but have read TMBotF and are planning to.... prepare to have your entire perspective violently shifted. 2- Republic of Thieves, I'm really interested in the quality of this book. I really enjoyed the first two. The series is called The Gentleman Bastards and it is a baroque renaissance romp filled with con-men, alchemy and a mysterious elder race. The first book is The Lies of Locke Lamora. I say I'm interested in the quality because it has gone through several rewrites and the release date has been constantly pushed back. Scott Lynch, the author, has been very open on his blog about his battles with severe depression. I completely empathize with having those sorts of issues mess up your life, but I have to wonder if the effect on his 3rd book will be positive or negative. 3- Words of Radience by Brandon Sanderson. The sequel to The Way of Kings which is an excellent fantasy book set in a VERY refreshing setting. Sanderson has dodged so many tropes (while embracing others) and created such a detailed and vibrant universe that the first book is worth reading for the worldbuilding alone. Yeah they're all fantasy
  8. Hey guys (and gals?), I'm new to these parts.

    Right on man. For some reason I feel compelled to post my thoughts on some of the larger more general forums that have many subsections. I definitely think smaller communities are generally a happier bunch. Larger forums are really cool for sheer volume I guess, but even then it kind of seems like a hivemind takes over. I tried posting on Reddit but I hate the layout and the upvote system leads to a lot of what I call "upvote bait" posts that stifle discussion. There are definitely some cool subreddits I visit though. My most used forum is called, I like it ok, but that's mostly because I've been going there off and on since 2004, so there is a lot of history there that wouldn't be apparent to a new user, it's almost the mirror image of reddit, very similar, yet poisonously bitter since there is no moderation at all (besides over things like off site harrassment, unmarked nws posts and really serious issues). I don't like anonymous posting so I've never bothered with 4chan and I won't buy a SA account out of principal, making registration cost money is naturally going to lead to arbitrary moderation and bans, not out of any malicious agenda but the combination of power tripping moderators and a very strict TOS. Obviously I've missed a bunch of popular forums. I'd be interested in hearing other peoples' thoughts about different online communities though.
  9. Dota Today 6: The Hoove Oeuvre, with Greg Kasavin

    ^Thanks for this Excellent breakdown.
  10. anime

    Monster is one of the few animes that I've watched a fair bit of. (Besides DBZ when I was a kid!). I really like the European Post-Cold War setting a lot and the protagonist and antagonist are both super interesting. It's just kind of slow, there's only so much you can do besides either . I forget how many episodes there are but I remember one thing, there are definitely too many. Oh Are you ready for the best DBZ joke ever? Q: How many Super Saiyans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A:
  11. That happened to me too, It says I have 90 hours when I really have more like 20-30. I think I might've left it open on my desktop overnight. Seems more likely than the hours glitching or something.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! I guess I kinda jumped the gun making a whole thread introducing myself haha. Didn't realize this one was here for that purpose, now I feel like a bit of an attention whore. Like I said in my thread, I've been listening to IT for a while and joined the forum because it seems like a laid back, smart community (which is truly a rarity when it comes to gaming communities, or at least the ones I've experienced). Gaming-wise I'm currently blaming Nick and Sean for getting me started on Dota. Just before the Dota Today podcast started I remember thinking "If they're trying not to talk about Dota on Idle Thumbs and still have trouble not doing it there must be something about this game". I held off until the first DT but their energy was so infectious I had to get a beta key.
  13. Steven Erikson and The Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Awesome! One thing he does that I think is super cool is how his chapters begin and end cyclically (I don't know the word for the actual writing device), For example he'll end a chapter with a house burning down or something, and then the next chapter will begin with some other group of characters sitting around a fire. Once I realized he was doing that I noticed it way more often.
  14. Hey guys (and gals?), I'm new to these parts.

    I knew they weren't a myth! Glad to hear there's more than just sausage at this party Sounds like a personal trainer for aliens to me. Gotta make sure they're fit and scary for the times they let them out of area 51 for a movie role or whatever. Nobody is scared of an alien with a beer belly. You guys are super welcoming, thanks.
  15. Other podcasts

    Love this podcast. The guy who does it has a really good flow, and he can be pretty funny sometimes in a low-key way. I dunno if it's been recommended yet but Hardcore History is a great podcast. And the BBC has documentary shorts that are like 20-25 minutes and are about world issues.