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  1. iOS Gaming

    Feel better about yourself now? And what's up we the we part all of the sudden, do you represent the forum as a whole or are you to weak to stand by your own childish actions? Reading some of your other forum posts i noticed that your nothing more than an unemployed bum, with to much time on his hands, so i really shouldn't be bothered with you. But i signed up to this forum in hope of something different, oh well..
  2. I had no idea how to get the skeleton keys to open those
  3. Papers, Please

    Really looking forward to this game, i played the short beta or whatever you call it and really liked it. The soundtrack is awesome and the toned down colour pallet sets the perfect mood.
  4. iOS Gaming

    I mean no disrespect in any way, English isn't my first language so sometimes i'm worried that i come trough sounding angry or in some way aggressive. I really aren't, it's just the easiest way for me to explain how i feel. But here is the thing, why on earth would you suggest a pony ridding game to a grown ass man? I agree that the graphics and art style of the game looks really nice, that is and only if the target audience is 12 year old girls! - I'm in no way an intellectual, but would agree that video games is an art form. There are just times where i feel that games forget to be games and try to hard to be all these other things, that being more true on the app store than the other platforms. So when a somewhat simple man like myself starts looking for a game and everyone arounds me keep suggestion me these hipster fucking bullshit (Shout out to Twig) games, i find it hard to believe that it's more than hype.
  5. iOS Gaming

    I'm in no way asking people to feel the same way as me, what i wrote was written from my personal perspective of what a good game should be. Often when playing iOS games and other indie stuff, i almost feel like i'm beta testing rather than enjoying a final product. Some don't care, but i do. Will take a look at the games you mentioned, thanks
  6. iOS Gaming

    Thanks for the suggestions Clyde, but non of those are games i would even consider, besides Tiny Wings that i already had in my list. I guess my problem with a lot of the iOS games out there is, that they don't seem to give a damn about how their game looks. How many 3 start, cartoon, iap filled games do we need?. Why should i care about their game if they clearly don't themselves? And that's just the start of it, it's like every developer wants to invent the next super fantastic revolutionary way of using the touch controls, instead of just going with what works and supports the gameplay. I do understand why a one dollar game can't deliver this and it wouldn't be fair in any way to demand. But prices are going up on some games and with that in mind, it should be about fucking time that they start to deliver some decent shit. I mean how great would a western turn based rpg be? If it's out there let me know! - Juv3nal it might be neat, but as i already mentioned graphics means a great deal to me and the game looks as an early alpha build at it's best. - Twig let me guess, your the troll on this forum? - Anyway, after my first post in this thread i went on yet another search of a great ios game and i actual think i found one!! The game is called Junk Jack and as far as i can tell, it's made by a small two man team. I have only played it shortly but it's basically a 2d Minecraft clone, but with way better pixel art than the game it borrows from. The goals of the game are yours to make up (build stuff, craft weapons and explore) and so far i'm really liking it. Every little detail in the game seems to have been made with care and the controls work really well. All in all, i think my thoughts on iOS gaming a this. The iphone is such a powerful machine and i'm really sad that more good stuff isn't coming out of it.
  7. iOS Gaming

    I guess there is a reason that the iOS gaming thread was hidden away, all the games i've download to my iphone so far seems shitty. But stupid as i am, i keep looking and spending money in hope of finding at least one game to game. This is more than empty words, so let me list just a few of the games i've downloaded lately. Tiny Wings - Cute, but trying to balance a pencil on my fingertip would be more fun. Xcom - Screen is way to small and therefor it's to fucking hard to control. Warhammer Quest - Once again the screen size fails and i ran into a ton of bugs. Super Hexagon - Hyped up as hell, fun for two minutes. Superbrothers S&S - Hipster fucking bullshit. Badland - Visuals are great, but gameplay gets boring fast! Cut the Rope - ...why did i even buy it. It's frustrating as hell, my old gameboy had way less power than my current iPhone and yet i haven't found a single game worth keeping on there. If anyone out there knows of a somewhat deeper gaming experience to be had on my phone, please let me know.
  8. I really wanted to like borderlands 2, but almost every fight felt to hard. I was playing it on a ps3 and i'm not that great with the controls on there, so that might also have a part in why i found it so difficult.
  9. Some of the recent games i wasn't having fun with and therefor never came back to. Borderlands 2 I like the art style and thought that i would dig the loot driven gameplay, but don't. The game itself seems to be focused around team play, but i'm playing it on my own and find it hard as hell. My weapons always felt weak and the enemies would zerg me down, before i had any chance to blast them down. Dishonored Another game i bought because i liked the art style and holy crap it's good, but the whole setting of the game made me fucking depressed. I also felt that it judged you for killing people, backed up by the dark nature of the game i therefor played it non lethal and it burned me out. Dirt 3 I played this one for about 2 hours, but the constant spam trying to make me buy their dlc made me leave it.
  10. Borderlands 2

    Would be awesome, but i'm playing it on the ps3
  11. Borderlands 2

    Just started playing this game, anyone still playing this? Bought the Psycho pack and so far i'm having a blast!
  12. GTA V

    This is insane!
  13. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    Poor bastard, two weeks after his marriage and so fucking young. Life can be hard, hope his wife and friends receive all the support they need.
  14. Games You Keep Coming Back To

    I keep going back to Skate 3, i don't think i could ever get tired of it. The sun is always shinning in that game and in a way i think it takes me back to my youth. Hanging out with friends, skating all day and little care for anything but having a good time. For a time World of Warcraft had a strong grip in me, but these days are long gone.
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Yo! Another fan of the podcast signing up to the forum. Been reading the forums for a while, so thought that it was time to start posting as well.