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  1. This puts so many things about the experience of watching The Return so well. (Behind paywall but you get 24h access to archive if you sign up for mailing list.)
  2. Other podcasts

    I need to rep The Relentless Picnic one more time. They have been killing it with "untethered" episodes that are a deep dive into a topic other than current events. This has resulted in a truly astonishing episode about death and other incredible ones about paranormal experiences shared on Reddit, books and friendship, money, hitchhiking, Jurassic Park, and most recently the moon (and the eclipse). I can't get over how good this podcast is, please listen to it. Genuinely insightful and hilarious conversations happening here.
  3. Might have been a reference to the Fallout 4 bit that was released in 299.5?
  4. I read the band-aid thing as: it had just naturally healed, but the fact of it being healed, like the cherry pie in the box, was anticipated in the dream, so holy shit. Did not get the sense that the reaction was due to it having healed or disappeared in some mysterious improbable way. But the confusion over this from Chris and Jake has given me pause and now I'm not sure what I saw.
  5. Saw a Tickle Me Elmo goblin on the timeline today. Not for the faint of heart.
  6. The Idle Book Club 23: Silence

    Cheers, I look forward to catching up on the cast.
  7. The Idle Book Club 23: Silence

    Sorry to be this guy: In the description, is "Shusaku's Endo" a mistake or a reference to something in the episode? I don't listen until I've read the book and this is bugging my inveterate proofreader brain, haha. Or was Chris waiting for someone to notice a la Slyboots??
  8. This was a really terrific start that exceeded my expectations as a Thumbs listener. Loved the pace, energy, and how funny it was in spite of the broader scope. I think you guys are onto something.
  9. Idle Thumbs: A Patreon

    First goal met! Woo! Happy to pitch in.
  10. Whoa, this montage is very "wavy time portal" like some of the games you guys talked about. The laughter, it is... complicated. Edit: Oh my god. This is amazing. So much good stuff was in the pre-roll. Tutti Consomme, Anecdote One, No love for Dad, the silence after Chris says "Cast of Us". I'm laughing so hard at this. Thanks, Jake.
  11. Other podcasts

    Yes! So glad you wrote this up for the uninitiated. Anyone who follows georgelazenby should give it a shot (he's Nick on the podcast). It's so good and so hard to pin down despite the focus on news and politics. The hosts are incredibly funny and have an obvious rapport, but they also bring an intellectual seriousness to the table in an affectless way that is very bracing. And on the production side the editing and use of music is inspired. I don't think they're in the same room for the first few episodes so the audio quality takes a hit, but I'd say don't skip them, the discussions are absolutely worthwhile and I suspect knowing where these guys are coming from in terms of their sensibility and worldview makes stuff like the virtual CES episode even funnier.
  12. Twin Peaks Discussion

    You have the power to skip the worst of season two and listen to Chris and Jake goof on it instead. (They also summarize the episodes well if you're worried about missing anything plot-wise.) Use this power, use it well and be free.
  13. Ah, to be a long-time listener. The weekly podcast is ending but the last two episodes have given us the coinage of "bagblast", Chris' Bagblast Enthusiast persona, and content from the vault. It is bittersweet indeed.
  14. I only caught the end of the stream and haven't listened to the episode yet. Just want to say that I think this is a good move and I'm happy to keep up with both shows. For what it's worth I like this new idea more than the last -- I even considered suggesting something similar in the last few weeks, just thought I would sound like a jerk if you guys had already made a decision. Thanks for all the casts and blasts.
  15. Same edition here, with the same typo. Great cover though, and relatively inexpensive! (I too am this far behind -- a little further, actually. After a late start on Fates and Furies and Never Let Me Go, I got into Ferrante. I'm back after Book 4, I promise.)
  16. I bought Stephen's Sausage Roll on the Steam sale and like any good reader, revisited the discussion in this episode after playing for a while. I more or less landed where Chris did after a few puzzles (ie, I like it, it's tough but fair, it's clever, but I don't get the extraordinary praise). I just want to say that it really started to astound me after a few more hours. And there's nothing to spoil about why that is; there's no one moment or reveal. It just keeps showing you more of what is possible within its very simple set of rules, over and over, without filler, without simple variations on the same "trick" before moving onto a new one. I find this kind of progression from puzzle to puzzle amazing. It's subtle, it's confident, it expresses so much through its mechanics in a way that really has to be experienced. I have had more moments of discovery and joy working through this game's puzzles than I have in anything I have ever played. Finding solutions has even made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Certainly the designers who really love this game can make a better case for why it's brilliant, but I feel like I get it now, the high praise is totally warranted. Play it!
  17. I thought this was a fun read. Some messy thoughts now that I've cooled on this admirably bananas thing: Edit: I clarified some of my thoughts on the idea going around that the book is a riddle to be solved, which originally read like I was ragging on the book for the readings it was inspiring.
  18. Like old Thumbs episodes, this holds up really well and the time capsule vibe is an added bonus. Thanks for putting it out!
  19. Don't listen to podcasts but hang around a bunch of forums > Start listening to Giant Bombcast in 2011 or so > Giant Bomb livestream? Games people on Twitter? > Idle Thumbs Kickstarter > Catch up before it ends > Really want to play Far Cry 2 for some reason
  20. A few spoiler-free impressions for anyone who, like me, had no idea what this thing was (wrapped for anyone who wants to go in cold): - Except this first one: It's a really nicely designed book. If you want this, you probably don't want the e-book.
  21. I don't want to give anything away, but part of this John Wick 2 teaser tied into this episode in a way that made me laugh really hard:
  22. Was that the first callback to "Ya eat 'em" in like four years? Now there's a clip.
  23. Here's a short, well-received novel that could be an interesting departure for Season Two: The Door by Magda Szabó.
  24. Idle Thumbs Book Club - Did I miss a hiatus annoucement?

    Great news. Looking forward to it.