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  1. This is what they referring to: Unity is pretty great, not really their fault people use it to make low quality stuff. Garbage in Garbage out, no engine can fix that.
  2. Thanks for answering my question on my difficulty in being scared due to an inability to reconcile my suspension of disbelief. As Rob surmised at lot of this comes from being a dev for so long it's pretty hard not to see the light trickling in through the cracks in how games are made to deflate the atmosphere of games. I do hold respect for the craft recognizing quality design and implementation when I see it. It's just that when it happens all I feel is: "Huh, that's cool, I bet that'd scare a lot of people, anyway..." There are plenty of things that can emotionally affecting: Disturbing - Jessica Jones Heartbreaking - That Dragon Cancer Tear Jerking - Any movie that has a dog in it because come on hollywood there is only one way that ever end you monsters Maybe the issue here is that horror relies much heavier on atmosphere and tension over story. If the person involved isn't doing their fair share, by building up a worse monster or outcomes, to amplify the basic elements the game is providing it can't reach the exciting peaks horror fans enjoy. Am I playing the wrong horror games? Are there any that have enough story meat on their bones to do the heavy lifting to cover for my inability to bring my fair share of fear to the experience?