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  1. Nintendo Network ID Exchange Thread

    It would be cool if the Pikmin 3 multiplayer games had online capabilities, but unfortunately they don't.
  2. I am not sure if anyone has posted a thread for the Wii-U yet, but my NNID is General-Captain.
  3. Games You Keep Coming Back To

    It is a pretty generic choice, but Fallout 3 would have to be the game I keep coming back too. It's world and immersion are unparalleled, and its the only game I have logged over 700 hours in enjoying every minute. However, Star Fox has the ultimate trength.
  4. SNES had so much more trength than the 64 (Extreme edition).
  5. Sno is not real, and chibi robo never had enough trength to make it past the movie adaptation of it.
  6. I agree Twig, wario needs a little more trength.
  7. Star Fox 3000 HD, had all the trength you would want in a star fox game.
  8. Identity crisis? Star Fox lost... everything. However, he came back with Star Fox 3000 HD.
  9. Yea, it is a Skyrim thieves guild reference.
  10. So, your brynjolf's new protege, eh?
  11. I liked the identity crisis. That game gave me a lot joy as a human who likes the Star Fox series, and I would like to see another Zelda like Star Fox.
  12. Star Fox gave me the trength to keep enjoying rail shooters, I don't see how their is legitimate disdain for the series.
  13. This is why Nintendo is trengthening its development studios, to make some more F-Zero, Metroid, and Star Fox. However, I might interested to see what new IPs we could be seeing.
  14. Yeah, typical Nintendo talk of the future.
  15. I wouldn't mind some new IPs, but I might appreciate another Star Fox game.