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  1. HOTS... no the other HOTS. The Lords Management one damn it!

    I think the share leveling kills the game for me. I don't get the same thrill of doing well in other LOMAs since my contributions just get thrown into a big nebulous pot without clear progression. Don't miss items, and the map objectives are generally interesting. Overall speed of the game is stuck in first gear, but I can deal with that if I had individual leveling. Instead I'll still with assault mode in Smite for my quick fix.
  2. DOTA 2

    A pro doto team named Shadows of the Past tried the Omniknight strat against EG, using a similar lineup to what LoL pulled against Na'Bi and got stomped, partly because they actually played worse than the Giant Bomb guys did in that match, but mainly because they were facing EG who pretty much melted their faces off. RTZ pulled off a tower dive where he soloed three kills, and got away with a sliver of life left. So what still amazes me about this game is the vast range of skill it can be played at.
  3. Sean, being someone with an obvious affection for characters and dialogue, how could you have never seen Casablanca? The movie is absolutely rich with them, not to mention also being a troubled production with an incomplete script, studio interference, and a meglomaniacal director who threatened to fire most of the staff at one point or another. PS - I have never seen any of the Godfather films.
  4. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I quit Arkham Origins, since it's just a crummier version of a game I already played with no original ideas. Just less craft and talent than City.
  5. Dota Today 11: She's My Hard Support

    The best Dota 2 matches I've had have been with players not as good as me. Because they knew it and wouldn't argue about item choices or come up with flaky strategies. They concentrated on their heroes, and when I came up with a plan, they followed along. This would give us superior team fight in the late game, which usually carried us to victory. My best game was probably Ability Draft where I was Lina with an odd mix of powers against a Sand King with just insane crit ability. We lost all our outer towers before taking any of theirs. My team was sure we were going to lose, but when I made a push they backed me up all the way. We focused down the sand king, and just steamrolled the rest, ending with a win. My worst game was playing with three other players way better than me, and I just couldn't keep up. Shit was happening so fast I didn't really learn anything from it either. I had 17 deaths as Crystal Maiden, but we still won. That's how good my teammates were.
  6. It'll actually have two names. F**K for US audiences, and C**T for the Brits.
  7. Dota Today 10: Dunkin' Bro-nuts

    Don't care if you win or lose AD. Just have fun coming up with crazy skill combos. Like an enchantress with arrow and chemical rage. Or a Meepo with a mix of Juggernaut and Lifestealer's abilities. I agree though it's stupid teamchat is blocked off when it could easily appear on the side. One game I went for Luna's ult, and my own teammate picked lucent beam, making it useless. We still won though. I had mostly medusa's abilities so I was nearly unkillable for most of the game.
  8. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

    I feel the end choice suffers more for how it's delivered than anything else. Suddenly having a menu option in a game about shooting and dueling didn't sit right with me, but Silas's narrative had been setting it up for a while up to that point. Maybe if they had fully rendered the saloon and the patrons listening on on his story, the end reveal would have worked better. Still liked it more than the end of Bioshock Infinite.
  9. Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014

    Didn't vote for any of the three finalists, and think only Dear Leader has any hope of becoming something resembling a game in two weeks. The other two struck me as really pie in the sky and far from being nailed down.
  10. Dota Today 10: Dunkin' Bro-nuts

    Ability Draft is my favorite mode. I played a Lina with Lycan's ult, liquid fire, and wd's stun against a Sandking with crit for days. Our team won, but it was a close battle the whole time with just madness on top of madness. Then I played a regular RD game where the other team had first pick PL and the rest of my team picked poorly (I counter picked DP). The whole game was no fun and we got stomped.
  11. Sorry about that. Didn't know there was a limit. Checking around it does seem you can only add people from inside Dota 2. I'll clear out the useless guilds and hit you up next time I'm on.
  12. Please invite me to the guild. http://steamcommunity.com/id/AaronChance
  13. Dota Today 9: The Dazzle In Question

    The more you play, the more you realize the vast sweep of player skill. So no matter how good / bad you are, there's always someone much better / worse, and you're usually playing against them / have them as your team.
  14. Dota Today 9: The Dazzle In Question

    I mean one of the players was intentionally feeding the other team. He even took wards meant for someone else and didn't place them. Since there's no kick mechanic in Dota 2 either, we were stuck with a hero actively working against us. What would be the point of playing that game out for an hour or whatever? That's not fun. That's not even a challenge. It's just misery.
  15. Dota Today 9: The Dazzle In Question

    Played a team game today with a 'friend of a friend' on the team who ended up feeding so hard the game was essentially lost ten minutes in. Lucky for me, one person on our team was so disgusted he abandoned right away so the rest of us only had to wait for five minutes to exit without penalty. Though I seriously can't think of a clearer example of the need for a surrender option.