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  1. Episode 271: The Last Express

    I loved this episode. Made me wish for a podcast that just discusses adventure games...
  2. HP Lovecraft

    Way late to the thread but they have professionals read passages from the story while discussing the story in-depths.
  3. HP Lovecraft

    For Lovecraft fans there is a great podcast that went through every single HP Lovecraft story - HP Podcraft They're doing other horror stories now and it requires a subscription but I believe the original run is still up and free.
  4. Ideas for 3MA shows

    A nice long conversation on Homeworld 1 & 2 and the new upcoming Homeworld prequel and what they'd like to see in a new Homeworld would be great. I think
  5. Episode 236: Q & A

    Decepticons obviously! Geez, how is that even a question!
  6. Episode 216: Lost in Space

    I think because it isn't Moo 1 or 2...
  7. Ideas for 3MA shows

    yeah, I can see the difficulty there. But maybe where they take a game that they all at least agree is good and then break down why it is good and give some basic strategy on how best to play it? And how other similar games failed where this one succeeded. It'd be interesting to listen to that kind of talk and see on what the various hosts focus and why.
  8. Ideas for 3MA shows

    I think they've done this before but a show, or even a periodic series of shows, on introducing games/concepts to people would be nice. I like strategy games but my exposure to them is very limited. Something like remedial strategy games?
  9. Software

    Breevy - Windows text expander software. Saves me from typing the same things over and over again, now I do it with a few keystrokes. f.lux - tints your monitors in the evening to help your eyes. Bins - organizes your task bar Launchy - Or forget about the start menu and task bar completely with this keystroke launcher.
  10. Show me your desk/gaming space

    That is one nice view. The gaming set up isn't bad either!
  11. Hi Teg! I hope you are doing better. Miss you on TT and IRC

  12. Books, books, books...

    I'm reading Mike Davis' City of Quartz. It's a social history of the city of Los Angeles from the first group of white settlers who wrested control of the city from the Spanish up until the early 90's (before the Rodney King riots). It's been a fascinating read so far. Davis' premise is that the Los Angeles has a self fabricated history that describes itself as both idealized utopia and realized dystopia. In it I've also learned about the racist origins of Home Owner's Association, and the factoryization of real estate speculation. I kind of can't put it down.
  13. Episode 216: Lost in Space

    I'm ill-equipped to discuss this episode. The last 4X game I played was Galactic Civilizations 2 and never finished it. I agree with a lot of what I heard in the podcast from both hosts. The one that resonated most with me was the detachment from the world/empire you were building. Nothing in Space 4x games really makes you care about what you're doing, except for you, the players, drive to win the game. That's a poor motivator and tells an even less interesting story... I'd really like to see Space 4x games take more from Star Control 2, not the combat model but the exploratory aspect. SC2 was/is great at making exploration new and different, it captures the romanticism of space exploration quite well. If that could be married to a game model that also lets you create colonies and manage them in some sense (though I'd like to avoid getting bogged into details with colonization and colony management.) Theme and placing the player into a universe with history would be great too. Thinking of it now I suppose I'm really more interested in that first X in 4Xs. Especially when it comes to space and a game centered on that while having elements of the other 3 X I think would be more compelling to gamers. Though perhaps not to the TMA crowd.
  14. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi. I don't really do other forums, Jeremy Parish's Talking Time takes up most of any spare forum time I might have. Idle Thumbs (and TMA) are interesting and entertaining enough shows that my curiosity was piqued about their communities. So, here I am.