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  1. I don't go on the forums very much but I heard about this on the cast and I just wanted to drop in to say that I'm interested. I might be in the IRC asking simple questions, I haven't been using unity very long! Sounds like fun, though.
  2. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    Really enjoyed this episode! Twin Peaks has been on the incredibly long list of "cool stuff released before I was born" that I need a push to look at, so I'm glad you're making this podcast.
  3. Tone Control 7: Brendon Chung!

    I tried listening to this episode a bunch of times before sleeping but I always nodded off like 10 minutes in, finally got to it on a long train journey. Definitely my favourite Tone Control so far, great job! That google doc of the Blendo Universe timeline sounds like the most magical document currently on the planet. (I wonder if the old stuff like Bugstompers or Grotto King are part of that canon)