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  1. Episode 225: Brave New World

    I am enjoying this show since I'm a big Civ V player but I wish these guys would get themselves a little more familiar with the game before discussing it. They didn't seem to understand some of the mechanics and were just wrong about others (Liberty social policy is not worthless to Venice: you get a free great merchant instead of a settler). They do a good job speaking in grand strategy/general terms but when they give specific examples their ignorance of the game mechanics come out. By the way guys: unhappiness from ideologies is countered with tourism/cultural output. And the culture victory is really meant to be a late-game thing, when hotels and certain ideology buffs really boost tourism dramatically. It may seem like tourism is dwarfed by culture for most of the early game but once you look at the later game buffs and strategically plan them out a little, you can zip along your tourism, even without conquering everyone (although that never hurts).
  2. Episode 217: Victoria Day

    This was my first time listening to your podcast and it's excellent! I recently bought CK2 but don't own the other Paradox games yet, but thinking of getting EU3. I'm a little confused why you guys were talking so much about Victoria II in such grand strategy terms, when it seems to be essentially the same game as EU3 but on a smaller scale. I was having a hard time reading or watching reviews online that explained the big differences between the two games - can someone elaborate? I would consider Victoria over EU3 but the overall reviews for it seem to be so-so and EU3 is more widely known and played.