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  1. Episode 463: Classic Year in Review: 1994

    Fantastic episode, loved all the TIE Fighter love! Still one of the best game of its type. I wanted to mention a game that came out between Wing Commander 3 and TIE Fighter called Star Crusader which, in some ways, is better than both of them. An amazing story, a branching campaign that ultimately turns into two different campaigns, and a variety of mission design few other games have. It's worth playing for its story and its insane cutscenes: But seriously it's a great game that anyone who liked TIE Fighter should play. It runs right out of the box on DOSBox too, so it's easy to get working.
  2. Episode 430: Classic Year in Review: 1998

    Uprising is amazing and, in my opinion, better than Battlezone. Also want to thank Rob for the shout out to the amazing Descent: Freespace and, ESPECIALLY, Freespace 2, still the finest space dogfighting game to date.
  3. Episode 420: Classic Year in Review: 1993

    Finally listening to this episode, and god damn I did fall down the Privateer rabbit hole. So very much. Worked so hard to become a millionaire and killed ANYONE who got in my way with my Steltek gun. Then Righteous Fire took that gun away, and I couldn't go on. I'm still angry. Sadly I went back to Privateer recently and's real tough to go back to.
  4. Episode 396: Endless Space 2

    Thanks for this excellent episode, glad I'm not alone in how..."meh"...I feel about this game...and hell, most space 4X games of late.
  5. Episode 336: Star Wars: Rebellion

    OMG, I was so happy to hear this podcast. Rebellion is such a rough gem of a game, and deserves a lot more loved than it's received. Thank you!
  6. Episode 216: Lost in Space

    I registered just to comment on this episode. I love, love, love space games and 4X games, and I am getting tired of all of these mediocre 4X games that try too much to be space lego playgrounds or focus too much on combat and make the other Xs boring. Thank you so much for this episode, it's glad to know there are others who are annoyed with the genre as I am.