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  1. I've heard that Game Maker is easier for beginners than Unity. That's why I started learning it. For small 2-d experiments would you still recommend Unity for someone with very little programming experience? I haven't plunked down the $50 for studio yet, so I'm still flexible.

    Oh also, can you export Unity games to an executable with the free version?


    Gamemaker is 100% baby tailored, though at times that makes it pretty difficult to work with. A lot of functions in GML (game maker's scripting language) are made specifically for commonly designed processes, are black boxes and are mostly poorly optimized, but it usually doesn't matter if you're making a small game or are experienced enough to design your own. It's good for prototyping and small games, and is pretty easy to learn but you hit diminishing returns after you start getting to experienced because the environment and work infrastructure doesn't transfer well to more involved tools.


    That said, Gamemaker is a super great way to get your grips on basic programming concepts.

  2. I've put together a rhythm-based shooter game prototype thing that's kind of like binding of isaac, except you move on a grid and everything steps to a timer with a changing bpm. Here's a gif (bullets are represented by a blue streak that the gif dropped a bunch of frames of. Player character is in yellow):




    And here's some character concepts:




    I can't think of a title. It's about a guy in his sixties fed up with the disco music-based gangs in his neighborhood and stands up to them in musical arenas.

  3. Hi guys! I've created a permanent Google Hangout link for people to pop in to screenshare their work, chat, and look for partners and stuff whenever they have the time to. It's probably not necessary but I feel like this sort of gathering is pretty interesting especially in a creative context.


    And here's a thing I made art for a couple months ago:



    It's actually all pretty poorly implemented but it's something. It's a local multiplayer post apocalyptic basketball thing, so if you want to play it grab a spouse or a roommate.

  4. Preeeetty late to the party but I just got around to finishing Episode 5 of the Walking Dead. Pretty gut wrenching.


    If anyone played as maximum-asshole Lee, what kind of character did you perceive him as when he died? I went full Mother Theresa on my playthrough.


    Also did anyone feel like Molly didn't feel totally fleshed out? She was mostly a token badass during the episode (which was pretty awesome) but I guess there definitely wasn't enough time to develop on my sense of her loss like Kenny's

  5. Oh yes, hm. Have you considered a non lethal based stealth game with your engine?


    What have you got in mind?


    I have been thinking about something that's got violence, but used in quick bursts. The player's put in levels full of AI and you have to find a specific person to kill while avoiding anyone trying to kill you. I'm pretty bad at game design but it's an idea, haha.

  6. Google hangouts are best used by about 10 to 15 people. If you have a google account you can just drop in and out of a call, which runs in a browser and uses a single URL even if there's no one in the call. I'll try to figure it out


    @impossidog: my engine uses mouse/keyboard, so local multiplayer would require twinstick controls with an xbox controller or some keyboard solution.

  7. @impossidog: Actually I've tried to implement multiplayer in the engine, using a bunch of plugins and even Gamemaker's built in functions, but I'd have to refactor the weapons system to sync easily for all players. I eventually ran into a lot of the same problems that messhof did during the development of nidhogg, where you had to make all objects in the game react to a controller that rolls back previous states to prevent asynchronous clients, and I figured that problem was waaaay out of my skill level to solve


    But that sounds like a cool idea. If there's a way to warp the design into a single player game my work might be a little useful




    Totally recommend a google hangout instead