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  1. Since the turn-based map has been won, shall we move on to another real-time dark map?
  2. There is still space in the real time game which hasn't kicked off yet
  3. That's fair, obviously I'm still in (you don't get to know which guy I am yet )
  4. So I'm guessing from the 3 drop outs that this game isn't going so well. Shall we restart and try without the turn taking format?
  5. I'm totally up for another match, bring it on
  6. I think I would like that aswell, is it possible to tweak the settings to allow it? We could all get on skype or something like that and be right bastards to each other as it happens
  7. Spite is the mantra of life in this game it seems
  8. I think SGP's analysis of the game was totally accurate, and also the note that we all knew who was trading tech with everyone else made the diplomacy a bit too transparent for some real Game of Thrones backstabbing from happening. All in all I think it was a really enjoyable game, even if I never saw The Bug in person before his fleets were destroyed, since he was effectively my only ally (due largely to that we were never in competition). I was really enjoying the banter we all had back and forth, I showed some of the logs to my flatmate and he was laughing his ass off, especially at the banter between me and Murdoc. Gotta agree that 4 player is a teeny bit too small, shall we try to round up more people for a larger scale conflict?
  9. Good game and congrats to whoever it was that one that one. Post game review? Who was the true space bastard among us?
  10. I don't really mind when the time is, I just want to get the game started
  11. It's 6 and half a dozen for me, go ahead dude
  12. Yo all, It's been a while and no new volunteers have stepped forward. We all ok to get stuck in? (I have no idea how to set it up so will rely on someone smarter to do this )
  13. If 2 of us are total newbies and murdoc just wants to test out the new mechanics, maybe a 4 player would be good? Don't think any of us are gonna go tryhard on it (till the inevitable rematch of course )
  14. Just because it's been a while since this thread moved, I'm still totally up for a game
  15. I'd be willing to try it - I'll be a total rookie so I'd need to wrap my head around basic mechanics anyway. A chilled would be a good intro