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  1. Destiny

    Sure. I'm at that point now.
  2. Destiny

    Yup, level 33. Could probably be 34 if I wanted to spend the two Etheric Light I'm sitting on, but I want to try for some better gear first. Maybe I'll just end up scoring some 42 gear through PoE or ToO. Then I can apply it to weapons.
  3. Destiny

    I'm doing the "Use void damage in Crucible" part of the Thorn bounty, and it's making me play like an asshole.
  4. Destiny

    That was me, not Vulpes! The "Marked for Annihilation" mechanic was really fun to figure out, but calling it quits sucked so very hard. I hit rank 3 in Iron Banner tonight, and finally got a piece of Etheric Light. Only now I'm being all precious deciding what to apply it to.
  5. Destiny

    I usually send messages through the PSN app on my tablet. It's way faster for me, but reading through the comments here has be realizing I might be inconveniencing you guys who have to type back with a controller.
  6. Destiny

    I just got home from work, and intend to play for a good while.
  7. Destiny

    At the very least, we can take a crack at the Nightfall Strike. We could also do the new “Wanted” Queen’s Bounties, one of which I tried and failed miserably at last night. I think I’m too low level to do enough damage. My heavy weapon was the only thing that he wasn’t immune to! O_O It was really cool though. You basically have to kill everything in an area until they send in waves of high-level bad guys as back up. Some carry a new temporary weapon, a sticky grenade launcher that lets you hold down the fire button after launching to cook up some crazy big explosions. It was neat.
  8. Destiny

    I'm totally down for the Nightfall Strike, should our grown-up schedules ever align.
  9. Destiny

    I'm game.
  10. Destiny

    I work weird hours, and probably can't hop on until around 9:00pm PST most nights. However, I do have Mondays and Tuesdays off, and can hop on whenever on those days.
  11. Destiny

    I'm Mr_ButlerTron on PS4. I would really like to do the raids. Anyone at that point? I would also be up for working through the "story" content with a new character if any folks are just starting out.
  12. I Had A Random Thought...

    I found my Talkboy when I was back home over Thanksgiving! However, the fake radio tape I made with my brother is still at large. I need to find it and launch it in to the sun in case either of us runs for public office. I also found the receipt for my Game Boy Color on that trip. My first "big" purchase! I made most of the money by selling a bunch of my Pokemon cards to a kid in my class. I kind of ripped him off...
  13. I Had A Random Thought...

    Yeah. I guess watching mob flicks over ice cream and venturing into big brother's room has nothing on that ridiculous VR room and waterslide. How did he buy all that crazy shit with only a million dollars?
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    Home Alone! It definitely meets Zeus' wish fulfilment criteria.
  15. Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah, their account/recovery stuff is my chief concern. I bought a 32gb card, but started having some regrets when I got on here and read some of the frustrations with their online policies. I think it's worth it for me personally, but there's also part of me that's like, "Hey, there is a cart-based video games system in 2015. Shouldn't I be grabbing physical games for the novelty alone?" If it hasn't been a big problem for most of the people on this forum, then I feel okay going digital. Now I just have to figure out which DS game to slot in there—basically Sophie's choice. I'll probably go with DS Tetris, since I just found out the Gameboy version got pulled from the eShop.
  16. Nintendo 3DS

    Do you guys buy all your games digitally? This is my first 3DS, and I'm trying to decide whether I want to buy cartridges or just go straight digital.
  17. Idle Thumbs 194: A Grave Ghost

    I just googled "Gravity Ghost" to see what Danielle was talking about and Google auto completed my search to "gravity ghost and big dog." Turns out this is not an Idle Thumbs in joke from the last 20 minutes of the podcast, but rather a scientific paper on theoretical gravity waves.
  18. Nintendo 3DS

    The New 3DS XL will be my first 3DS, so I have no familiarity with how the migration/ memory expansion process goes. My question is, if I just want to throw in a bigger MicroSD card, do I have to go through the migration process? I'm hoping it's super simple stuff as long as I haven't saved a bunch on the card it comes with. I just want to change it right off the bat to avoid having to think about it later.
  19. Nintendo 3DS

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but apparently you have to unscrew the back panel to change the microSD card. I somehow was able to get a preorder in for the Majora's Mask one, and was planning on replacing the stock 4GB with a bigger card. I'm not thrilled about having to crack the thing open on day one.
  20. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I got mine for Counter Strike as well. I was like 15 and didn't have a bank account or PayPal yet. I ended up paying an older kid to set it up for me, but didn't have the foresight to suggest a good username. So to this day I'm still just "thisaccountisfortaylor."
  21. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    For whatever reason, I have an impossible time with the rhythm-based combat in this and the Arkham games. I feel like I get helplessly knocked around by the big, heavy-type enemies, and always miss every prompt other than the block prompt ("triangle" in my case). Years of gaming have instilled a frantic need to button mash through combat encounters, and I need help correcting this. Anyone have any advice other than maybe don't take up the drums?
  22. Idle Thumbs Motorcycle Club

    I will take your advice on gear to heart. And also, that looks like a great little bike. I wish I could afford a new bike, but I'll likely be looking for something preowned.
  23. Idle Thumbs Motorcycle Club

    Does anyone have suggestions for a great beginner bike or resources for first time riders? I'm kind of looking for baby's first motorcycle. Also, Sean your bubble-visor helmet looks like something out of 70s sci-fi, and dig it muchly.
  24. Poetry suggestions

    I may have forgotten that I don't hate Wordsworth quiet as much as I do Shelley and Byron. And the thing about Keats is that he got really, really good and then died at like 23. So I'm sad for him and for what could have been if he had been able to kick out work until old age. For that he gets a bit of a pass. Also apparently he used to write stuff and then hide it away. One poem, I don't remember which, was found years later in the pages of a book on a friend's bookshelf. So I like to hold on to this ridiculous notion that there are books out there with unpublished Keats originals, just collecting dust in someone's attic.
  25. Poetry suggestions

    I second Langston Hughes' The Weary Blues. It's really, umm, rhythmic I guess. You can basically hear the music, which makes it really fun and easy to read. I also really like The Schooner Flight by Derek Walcott. It's a long poem about a guy sailing around the Caribbean after running out on his family. Keats, I find, is the only Romantic poet that is not a completely self-involved boner, and I really like his later works. Anything of his with "Ode" in the title is good, in my opinion.