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  1. Theory: Log Lady's log is a branch from the tree that now forms jack rabbits palace.
  2. We get a nice shot of The Great Northern before the scene where Hulk hand tells his lodge origin story, so I'm pretty sure Mentalgongfu is right. Plus, the high-pitched ringing noise playing when James goes to check out the furnace after Hulk hand's story is the same noise Beverly and Ben are trying to pinpoint in Ben's office in earlier episodes. I hope James is alright. He's too cool to die.
  3. Oh man, I hadn't considered that, but I think its just as possible. Maybe everyone in the town is slowly being replaced with lodge spirits [portentous whooshing].
  4. Okay, so this one really moved. Pretty sure the long-haired woman in the final Roadhouse scene was being manipulated/gaslit by the other lady in the same way Charlie seems to manipulate Audrey. When she asked what her mother's name was, it seemed like the other girl was confused or second before supplying the name Tina (this is also when the spooky droning Twin Peaks music kicks in). Up until that point we could've reasonably concluded that her mom is Audrey, because she mentions her mom and him "had a thing up until pretty recently." When she recounts the Billy story it sounds so much like a she's recounting a dream and the details are fading in that ephemeral way dream details often do. She can't remember if her mom screamed or not; can't remember if her uncle was there. Also she never reported this to anyone from the sounds of it, which seems like something you might not do when you're working under dream logic. She is definitely getting Jedi mind tricked.
  5. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    If the PC beta turns out to play well, I'm probably making the move from PS4 to PC. But I'm also a big dumb sucker, so I could see myself getting both eventually in order to play with different circles of friends.
  6. Destiny

    I might be a bit late hoping on. My bus home is running super late...
  7. Destiny

    Hopefully he or she will also be coming in blind.
  8. Destiny

    Okay, yeah I kind of glossed over the time zone there. The earliest I would be able to play would be around 9:00 am PT (also 4:00 pm GMT).
  9. Destiny

    Saturday afternoon works for me. I'm sitting at 365 now.
  10. Destiny

    I'd be game for this. I just hit 354. Yay for grinding the SIVA strike list...
  11. Destiny

    If anyone still needs to complete the year two Moments of Triumph, this week all three challenge modes are active in the King's Fall raid and all three T3 Court of Oryx bosses are on rotation. Pretty cool! I would love to knock out all three CMs in one last run before the new hotness hits next week.
  12. Nintendo 3DS

    I remember that whole silliness with the ambassador program. My thought is that maybe since SNES games only work on the new hardware, they can now do the same now with GBA games now. Look at me, holding my breath.
  13. Nintendo 3DS

    They've started to roll out some SNES classics on the eShop that only work on the New 3Ds, which has me super excited. I hope they get around to adding GBA stuff at some point, though I'm not holding my breath.
  14. HOWL O'WEEN (Halloween)

    Decided to go as a classic D&D-style mimic this year. It turned out pretty well! Given more time, I would've liked to have dressed up like an adventurer from the waist up and slip the box around my waist, so it would look like I was being eaten.
  15. Destiny

    Think we can do it in under an hour and a half? If so, I'm game.