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  1. Destiny

    The Chaperone quest is driving me nuts. I've been swinging from 40-50% for hours. Rid me of this purgatory!
  2. Destiny

    I was thinking Sunsinger as well, because I will surely die a whole bunch. I have Light Beyond Nemesis, and Jon has made it sounds like that might be good.
  3. Destiny

    Vulpes Absurda, one of my buds and I tried to get the Black Spindle this morning, but we just didn't have the attack power yet. We had to call it quits after a few failed attempts. And now I'm at work until tomorrow morning, and it's been confirmed to only be available during the Daily Heroic mission. So just, fuck, you know?
  4. Destiny

    A random reddit guy says you can get in with just 250 light, but I'm sure we would all get turbo murdered.
  5. Destiny

    It may be that 290 is a requirement after all. I'm not looking at the game right now and can't confirm. Side note: Three of Coins doesn't seem to work in Court of Oryx even though those bad guys have the skull next to their name identifying them as Ultras. I guess it makes since as this would be almost as easy as the Draxis exploit.
  6. Destiny

    I'm trying really hard to get my light level high enough for the raid. Are we going to be able to do this if we aren't all at the suggested 290? I'm at 259 so far.
  7. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Does that book come with the game?
  8. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Can you build a zoo? I'm not fully sure what fultoning wildlife does for the player yet. I think there was some radio dialogue saying it was for an NPO concerned with removing animals from the battlefield--a Metal-Gear-ass rationalizing of some dumb feature if I've ever seen one. I think for now I'm just getting money. So far I have a crow, some sheep, a few wolves, and two bears.
  9. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I fultoned a bear! It took something like 10 sleep darts to take down. GOTY.
  10. Destiny

    I'm watching the Twitch broadcast, and they keep referring to year one as "Destiny 1," and it has me wondering what the plan is in terms of traditional franchise sequels. I'm hoping this is the game forever, in that they have the platform and they plan to just keep updating it until it stops making money a la WoW.
  11. Destiny

    So I have a connection that says Xur will be selling Gally this week. In an hour, I will either look like Nostradamus or a total (my uncle works at Nintendo) ass. EDIT: Not an ass!
  12. Destiny

    I to want try Trials again. Last time we tried we were all only level 33, and we didn't have the gear to compete.
  13. Destiny

    If the level cap is going up to 40, and the Light system is getting tossed, or at least reworked. I'm curious if that means we are all going to be level 20 again and have 20 new levels of progression. Anyone have any insight on this?
  14. Destiny

    Needs more red yarn.
  15. Destiny

    The restraint you show in not teabagging him right back is most impressive.
  16. Destiny

    We ran 35 PoE again tonight.This time we managed to reach Skolas and get him to about 50% on our first two attempts. Unfortunately we had to call it a night again. One of these nights we'll have a bit more time, and we'll get him. On the plus side, I think we feel pretty confident with the first five rounds now.
  17. Destiny

    Zeus, his buddy Zasa, and I took a crack at Level 35 PoE last night. We ended up getting stuck on the fourth round (the Fallen, Eliminate Target round), before finally throwing in the towel. We plan to try again tonight though.
  18. Destiny

    How did the Crota raid end up going? I really wish I didn't work 12-hour days on Saturdays... Should be on in about an hour if anyone cares to join me.
  19. Destiny

    I think console games are absolutely inferior for aiming. Can't beat the procession of a mouse. But I've always had a much better time with character movement on consoles. With WASD there is only "go" or "not go." At least on a controller you can move with some degree of control over your character's momentum. I find sniping in games like CS or TF2 impossible, because the character always moves like a spaz.
  20. Destiny

    Just got a Reign of Terror in Iron Banner (15 kills in one life). The other team just kept floating in to the B capture point at Twilight Gap. It was like shooting clay pigeons. I might cry when Thorn finally gets nerfed.
  21. Destiny

    It adjusts to the individual user's timezone. It shows everything in Pacific Standard for me even though all you East Coast folks are setting the events.
  22. Destiny

    There is an option to create private groups in the website's footer. Not sure if it will add much more than what we've already got going on here. Email blasts might be nice, but might also be a bit much for some people. I'm all for trying it out. For you folks that have recently started playing again, we've been keeping a Google doc with everyone's PSN IDs. We also have the Idle Thumbs clan. Presently, the clan functionality is total balls, at least until Bungie does some work to improve it, but it helps with a few clan-centric trophies if I recall correctly.
  23. Destiny

    If you play ToO, you should grab the Light Beyond Nemesis from Xur this weekend. It allows you to revive and be revived faster, so with two of those on a team, everybody is covered for speedy resurrection.
  24. Destiny

    I can meet up pretty much any time on Monday or Tuesday night, if you guys don't mind waiting that long.
  25. Destiny

    I can sign on a little after 9:00 PT, but I realize that might be a bit late for you guys.