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  1. Episode 213: On Campaign

    I wanted to comment on this episode, because I think I'm one of the campaign-only players you guys said didn't listen. I'm a long-time listener, and consider 3MA one of my favorite podcasts. The thing is, I don't like real-time strategy as a genre. I love turn-based strategy, such as Civilization (all except 3), Galactic Civilizations, Sword of the Stars. Alpha Centauri was my favorite strategy game for a long time, until I played Crusader Kings II. I enjoy real-time pausable games like paradox interactive's grand strategies because I can play them like I do a turn based game, with careful planning, plotting, and scheming. I just don't care for twitch RTS because I don't like the constant pressure. So as you can imagine, I don't play many RTS games, but I do play them occasionally. When I do, I really only enjoy playing the campaign to experiment with the mechanics and to see a story. Call of Heroes was highly regarded, and the small number of controllable units does make it easier on me, but I'm just a fan of games as an art form and don't like to write off any genre entirely. I appreciate the skills requires for multiplayer RTS gaming, and enjoy watching streams (especially with commentary). Of course I enjoy the 3MA episodes regarding turn-based and paradox games (which I listen to many times over), but I enjoy all of your episodes. I love to hear in-depth discussions about games I will never play, because it helps me to appreciate their place in the history of strategy games. Anyway, that's enough rambling at 6am after being unable to sleep. Just know that not everyone who listens to 3MA loves to play RTS in multiplayer or skirmish. That doesn't mean we can't love the podcast. PS. I have to thank 3MA for introducing me to Paradox Interactive through Europa Universalis III, and convincing me to buy Crusader Kings II even though I couldn't get into the first one at all. CK2 is my favorite strategy game, and likely will be for a long time to come.
  2. The last question was from a solo indie developer asking about the legality of fonts. I tried to find him (seatless studios? seat lay studios? I couldn't make it out) but came up empty so I registered here. If anyone knows him, or has a similar question, I wanted to pass along a link to as a fantastic resource for fonts which are free for commercial use. I'm a solo indie developer myself and consider this a vital resource.