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  1. nidhogg - Steam release 1/13/14

    I really want to play this, but I find the game is simply too expensive. I'm almost certain that this game will show up in a Steam sale or Humble Bundle soon enough, so I simply can't bring myself to pay full price.
  2. I haven't read the entire thread, has anyone pointed out to Chris the excellent use of licensed music during missions in Saints Row 3? These guys spent ages talking about this a few weeks ago from a fan mail, it's a shame they just completely write off the one game that uses it effectively during gameplay.
  3. Fez 2

    You just sound like a huge hypocrite, labelling yourself a feminist is just as buzzword/marketing/gross labelling as gamer. Do I need to label myself as a non-racist who accepts the religious beliefs of others because I have muslim friends?
  4. Nextbox 1080: The Reckoning

    I played Peace Walker and I'm totally lost too.
  5. Gunpoint

    Where are all the user created levels at?
  6. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    The things you're describing are the reason I love the series. When Dark Souls was first released it was fantastic, those wiki's you looked up were in the early stages of being written and to a degree no one really understood how certain aspects worked. There was so much speculation about certain aspects of covenants and certain shortcuts, it was brilliant to be a part of all the discovery that was happening.
  7. BioShock Infinite

    Because then your complaint would have been, "Why does Liz keep on ranting on about bullshit when her whole world is crashing down around her? Wish she'd just get into the zone and find me some lockpicks and coins."
  8. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Are you saying that as a bad thing or a good thing?
  9. BioShock Infinite

    Agree, there's some that I want to listen to again but I can't because the game only has autosave and I started a new game.
  10. BioShock Infinite

    Good game Ending spoilers
  11. BioShock Infinite

    That's true, I guess it doesn't necessarily ruin the film but if someone knew what was going to happen in the usual suspects going into the film they are having a huge 'oh shit' moment ruined. That moment is easily the high point of the film, everything builds up to it.
  12. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Day 1 perch here too.
  13. BioShock Infinite

    Tell me more about this, are you just not a fan of plot twists?
  14. BioShock Infinite

    I'm probably 5 or 6 hours in and I think it's great. So far the pacing has been excellent and while I prefer the concept of Rapture (I think I just have a thing for underwater cities) I'm having a great time strolling around Columbus, I actually find myself walking around a lot as opposed to most games where I sprint wherever I can. I've seen comments from people about how it is more linear than the original Bioshock with less exploration, I've found it's the exact opposite and I'm spending ages exploring. Elizabeth is excellent, the best AI companion I've ever seen in terms of personality and making herself useful; the way she explores on her own is great and such a nice touch in making her feel like an actual character rather than just a tool. On top of all that the story is interesting, the combat is surprisingly fun, I can see why IGN were "blown away".
  15. BioShock Infinite

    What's wrong with review scores? I don't care for reviews, I don't want to have someone describe their playthrough and experience with the game. I can see what kind of game it is, I just need to see the number at the end to determine if it's worth my time or not.
  16. BioShock Infinite

    I was going to grab this tomorrow morning regardless but these reviews are just making it sweeter. Not that I actually read them, I just look at the score.
  17. Thumbs at GDC?

    Hey goober are conf grenades still a thing?
  18. I made a mini documentary about narrative in games

    I fucking love Brendon Chung. It might be sacrilege to say this but I'd love it if he made a game that took 5 or 6 hours to finish, I could get completely lost in a world created by this guy.
  19. BioShock Infinite

    Only 9.4 on IGN cancelling my preorder not as gud as Jade Empire.
  20. BioShock Infinite

    The Witness is a FP game right? It's definitely not big budget but I expect the game will be getting a lot of attention, and not just from the regular indie audience.
  21. BioShock Infinite

    Great Giant Bomb interview with Ken Levine; he even drops the Walking Dead as an example of excellent game writing.
  22. BioShock Infinite

    I was really looking forward to this game but I think I'm going to have to pass because of how much this game just reinforces the damsel trope. So the main girl is all powerful and can't control her powers and people want to kidnap her or something, has to have a man take care of her, what a load of shit.
  23. Saints Row 4

    I've only played single player, it was great. I didn't even know it had co-op.
  24. Saints Row 4

    I had no idea this was happening, thought the series might be over. I've only played Saints Row the Third but I loved every second.
  25. SimCity: The City Simulator

    So is all this proven to be lies? It's a shame that these guys can't just be more transparent about what they want to achieve, when they are caught out it just gives credence to any negative connotations people sprout about them.