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  1. Masculinity

    On point 2 I agree, I'm saying that the only relevant aspect of those words is how they've been gendered though. I disagree with points 1 and 3 so strongly that I'm not sure we are talking about the same things. It might be helpful to narrow what we are talking down. I don't know how to explain my position on point 1 any more clearly than I already did so I guess we just disagree there. I mean think about how infamous mothers are in how they will defend their children. Is that not "protecting" them? And that's assumed in the generality that feminity nurtures. On point 3, are you talking about "self-reliance" like if you get stuck in the woods alone and have to hunt and make shelter men are more expected to be capable of surviving?
  2. Masculinity

    This sounds like a cultural non-description that circumvents any useful observations about the masculine/feminine spectrum. Self-reliance isn't associated more with masculinity than feminity; the word "self-reliance" itself might be, but not the actual concept. Same with "nurture". We might not use the word "nurture" when describing masculinity, but we say "teach", "provide for", "protect" which are all the same things. It's just that the words themselves have gender associations.
  3. Masculinity

    One question I ask myself while trying to figure out what masculinity is, is: "If an act or characteristic is done by a woman, does that disclude the act or characteristic from being a masculine act or characteristic?" I'd say no, so that kinda implies that masculinity is a context rather than an act or characteristic. Like "spooky" or "cute" maybe?
  4. Social Justice

    We like it, right?
  5. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    I went to a local fair and talked to someone who was representing the local timebank. The concepts share a lot of commonalities but I don't get the impression that the timebank attracts the same level of feverish predatory speculation. Btw if crytocurrency interests y'all you should totally watch Justin Timberlake's movie In Time , not because it is masterfully executed (it is not).
  6. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    All this stuff is so good for speculative fiction.
  7. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    From what I gather it is untraceable transfers of currency guarenteed by a network that shares information that the exchange took place. There are a lot of details that follow the inherencies of that.
  8. Rust

    They have added a lot of stuff since I've played last. I had a few adventures last night. Coming across stuff I've never see before is exciting. I hope the game will let you remove items I put in your house Deadpan. I thought a lamp would be like a torch and once I placed it on the floor I couldn't figure out how to pick it back up.
  9. Cultural Appropriation

    Yeah the Justin Bieber part is essential. I don't know how it fits into the discussion on cultural appropriation, but it has a lot of the aspects that come up in that discussion: -Power dynamics between cultures. -Use of other cultures' symbols without having a full understanding of the cultural context. -Profits being made on distribution channels of much larger scales due to white-supremacy. It's an interesting anecdote to examine in terms of cultural appropriation. Here is an article that explores it: I think this is also relevant:
  10. I continue to enjoy Competitive with voice-chat and text-chat off at SR1130. I'm starting to figure out when and where I can use Doomfist effectively.
  11. Cultural Appropriation

    I'm not sure how "Despacito" fits into the discussion on cultural appropriation, but I'm sure it does.
  12. Socialism

    You are fine, you don't sound snarky; it is an obvious question. Every time I look at where they are positioned on an issue such as Medicare for All, Feminism, Anti-racism, Palestine/Israel, Campaign-Finance reform, Wealth-Inequality, Mass-Incarceration... I'm already in agreement with them. So at some point I feel like it's absurd to apply a purity-test to myself just because I don't know what "Socialism" is; I figure joining might be a good way to find out. I'm also kinda frustrated by the limits of my efforts as an individual and this group seems to be consistently taking positions that I agree with so I feel more comfortable allowing myself to follow their lead more than I have ever been able to do with another organization. That dependency is already helping me deal with feelings of futility and frustration when approaching the many facets of injustice in the United States of America.
  13. Masculinity

    The softboy article reminds me of an NPR story I heard about "Lumbersexuals". I get nervous when some fashion trends or behaviors I ascribe to get lumped into a genre of person because I see myself in pretty much everything but then I'm like "Oh well, I'm typical in some ways." and then relax about shit and just make decisions to buy floral baseball caps from Target or hang my keys off my belt-loop from a carabiner that no climber would use (because it seems like a good idea). I actually get a little but of a rush from these moments of aspects of my styles being summarized and generalized. That Nick Robinson stuff sucks. Please continue to fight toxic masculinity and demonstrate a plurality of creative masculinities that fight for compassion and justice.
  14. Rust

    I'm interested but I've never done custom server stuff before. I'll try it out and tell you if I run into problems. I haven't even seen what gender and color I am yet! That's how long it's been since I logged on.
  15. Social Justice

    I joined the Democratic Socialists of America last night and I'm super excited about it. I don't know enough yet to say much more.
  16. Supergiant's Pyre: Wizard (NBA) Jam

    Surviving High School: Football Star I don't know of a way to play it anymore but here is a YouTube series I haven't watched.
  17. Supergiant's Pyre: Wizard (NBA) Jam

    This is sounding like something I'd like. There was a mobile game from a couple of years ago where you were a highschool football player and it was visual novel choices like whethet or not to steal the opposing team's mascot before the match and how to deal with drama. Then ylu would play a football minigame that felt like it influenced the story. I loved it.
  18. The Big VR Thread

    Sansar is going into open beta. If anyone manages to get in there and fool around, I'd be curious to know your internet speeds.
  19. I get the impression that I am only one of many people on these forums who want to include the computer-game craft in their roster of hobbies. I'd rank myself as a second degree amateur, now that I've used Game Maker to craft something where a little man with two frames of animation can walk horizontally (though he cannot turn around). One of the circumstances which has aided me in getting to this skill-level is playing games that didn't have millions spent on them and weren't necessarily made by 15 year veterans or prodigies. I've been playing a lot of the recent stuff from Much of it is barely playable, many of them don't seem to be complete. I want to make barely playable, possibily not complete games. I need the taste of success to push me forward. Complete, polished, innovative products are kinda intimidating right now. Would anyone else on the forum be interested in helping create some sort of Idle Thumbs Games Work-shop? I don't know exactly what form it should take. It could include game-jams, but also encourage projects that may take a little longer. I am imagining scenarios like someone saying "Aggg! I hate my art-assets, I can't draw a spider riding a horse!" and someone else posting that on their own accord for the pure enjoyment of doing so. It could also be a way of showcasing games that don't really deserve being showcased. I'm thinking that this may be an opportunity to use this community to encourage some amateur attempts. Low expectations are sometimes useful. Edit: Blambo has created a Google Hangout for collaboration. Edit: Twig set up an IRC channel.
  20. Amateur Game Making Night

    I may have gotten too good at it while testing and tuning. If I make it too easy, I'm worried that simultaneous conversations will be too common. I hope people who play it play it with audio. Looking forward to playing your game sometime this week @OneGameDad
  21. Amateur Game Making Night @dibs
  22. U.S. Healthcare Reform

    I want a single-payer system in the U.S. I think the ACA didn't do enough and isn't politically, fiscally or ethically defensible over time. I figured we could talk about single-payer a.k.a. Medicare for all a.k.a. HR.676 here. I don't typically read The Hill, but I'm curious to see what happens here as the senate enters a debate where I want single-payer to come up and be discussed as the only real viale option in the longterm. Couldn't he just force a vote on HR.676?
  23. U.S. Healthcare Reform I don't understand what the calculus is that tells Democrat Senators that they shouldn't vote for a single-payer amendment even if it's a political manuever by Republicans. They have to fake non-support in purple states? So doesn't that just make them against single-payer?
  24. Fake Games

    So have y'all heard about the fake game problem? This guy who uses a bunch of fascist imagery will explain it to you. I really kinda want to play it, but I am having a hard time finding Air Control. It appears that the game's rarity has now turned it into a currency? I don't really want to buy it on a gray market for an inflated price. Anyone know where I can get a copy in a legitimate manner? All I can find is a game-jam (that didn't seem to take off) that was inspired by it.