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  1. Are all these great guests just hiding under the woodwork? Would be great to hear them on the main cast too
  2. Awww the first few seconds of that molyneux interview was adorable, sean was so touched
  3. Just a quick note on something chris mentioned: While elizabeth no longer reacts to you shooting a guy or throwing birds in his face, she will however be shocked or even speak out whenever you do the melee takedown on an enemy, which is fitting because those are needlessly brutal and violent
  4. I feel a huge opportunity was missed in not calling the episode "and I'm Nick Breckon".
  5. Feminist Frequency

    This video really reflects her previous work, its C grade work. She brings things up but doesn't explain them, she has potential for a genuine discussion but doesn't want to (or can't i'm not sure) put the extra mile in to say something meaningful. There's nothing that she's said here that hasn't been said better and in more detail in other places, Extra credits is a great example in paticular their female characters episode I do have one paticular grip i'd like to indulge and that's her first point reagrding starfox adventures.The way she tells it its like nintendo are massive arseholes that see a company were making a game with a strong female lead and jumped in and bullied them into making it a male character, not mentioning why they did it,its obvious why they made Fox the lead, to give it brand recognition to sell more units, whereas she just examines it on its face value. This may not be as relevant but she also doesn't talk about how the game was recieved, Starfox Adventures was universally panned and hated by newcomers and veterans to the series alike. I only mention this because I'm willing to bet she is going to have a whole bloody episode dedicated to Other M and not mention how gamers or critics themselves reacted to that trainwreck of a game or its development cycle