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  1. PSN ID exchange

    PSN: Rexneron Recently purchased a PS4 and just got a PSN account, looking for some folks to jump into GTA V or other games with. I'm in US PST time zone, but doesn't matter to me where you folks are at since I play at odd hours.

    Came here to see the interest here for GTA Online and loved your "after action report" on the bounty. I just pre-ordered the PS4 version and will import by barely used 360 character.
  3. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    I think this quote should be taken with context and with other interviews that Lynch and Frost have done.
  4. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    Terrible at his job or following direction? I forget exactly where I read or heard this but I believe much of the cast was directed to evoke soap opera stereotypes, "bad acting" and all. Overly dramatic, soap opera jock is exactly his role and I think he plays it out just as intended.