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  1. Also noteworthy: Shaun White Skateboarding, the skateboarding game about Stride Gum
  2. Danielle, I believe you were thinking of the sour patch kids game, World Gone Sour Adam Boyes has come a long way
  3. If the goal is to mature the critical ability of the society at large, but with the caveat of existing inside of late capitalism, then the Warner Brothers solution of preserving and distributing media from a gross past with the "hey, this is from an ideologically fucked up era, so keep that in mind" preamble is probably as good as we're going to get. I'd prefer the full archives be free and available online under public commons, but whatever, the fight for open access to historical materials is the concern of the public, not the businesses that hold the rights.
  4. Some sort of... hot wire touched to a petri dish of questionably human blood test.
  5. It's well worth reading his writings and the history of his country over the course of his chairmanship, but to be fair, pretty much all of Chinese history is really interesting. His tone is definitely "firm" but I guess it's just never phased me. Your mileage may vary, it seems!
  6. In regards to Jake's thoughts on the divisiveness of modern social issues among groups of friends, and how folks used to be more permissive: I thought I should share one of my absolute favorite pieces by Mao circa 1937, criticizing said western/liberal politeness and permissiveness. I think it gives a pretty cool historic context. I totally understand why some people disagree with the divisiveness of the growing "call out culture" in which leftists shout down oppressive shit and cause a bunch of friction. I just think that an increasingly ugly world demands sharp and disciplined action, even if it costs us some peace and quiet.
  7. Just popping in to say that I really enjoyed the 'cast. I'm still working out solutions on how to tackle injustice through my (art)work but it's super valuable hearing you guys talk through some of it. Keep up the good work and I love you all
  8. Played the holy hell out of this back when it was released as part of the Humble Mojam Bundle under the name Wasteland Kings, picked it up on Early Access, and yet still remain absolutely terrible at playing it. I don't really mind, though, given how stunning it looks and sounds. I have to give serious props to them for dedicating so much time and effort to streaming and answering questions from the public, too. Turning something as regularly toxic as chat into an educational forum is a fucking astounding achievement
  9. Just posting to say I'm really grateful to be able to share in the experience of Sean's ultimate dream episode.
  10. Destiny

    Now that's what I call video games!
  11. Oh god, this really is wonderful
  12. Let's Draw Video Games

    *wistfully thumbing through dusty old photo book populated entirely by screencaps of NPC's asses*
  13. Let's Draw Video Games

    Weirdly enough, I've been thinking a lot about the role of static traditional artwork in 3D games. It seems like technology is finally at a point where assets like framed art on a wall could actually be rendered in high enough resolution to do it justice. Then again, I'm a complete fucking freak for detail. haha today's work in progress is probably a good enough example:
  14. Let's Draw Video Games

    Dot Gobbler fan art now exists. You're welcome.