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  1. [Devlog] Last Bus Out Of Town

    Thans Phill! Attempting to make the mall level using Saber CSG, since I don't even want to try with Blender. (Accidental Dutch Angle here, hehe) I think I'm going to end up going with possibly Sketchup, because building the level geo is a tedious process. I think I could get some really good spaces built with CSG but the rebuild is what kills me (I'm using a macbook air). this reminds me about reading the Destiny development process where it took a whole night to build level brushes. Or possibly use seperate CSG objects for different things and just block out spaces with one geo object. WHO KNOWS.
  2. The Big VR Thread

    So I'm doing some VR Development currently. We aren't sure what the game will be but you will be shooting things at a thing. I think. VR development is aided by VRTK, a free unity asset that has a bunch of motion control scripts and objects. We've managed to make our own self-launching slingshot/cannonball thing. Thus far we did early prototyping with Google Cardboard (which really sucks) and our buddy's DK2 (which sucks less) Main games I've played with VR that I've been impressed with have been Assetto Corsa (I'm a huge driving game nerd) and Euro Truck Simulator. Motion controls in a lot of games I've played have felt like the early motion control era of the Nintendo Wii, or swipe/touch controls of the early iphone era. Folks are going after gimmicks hardcore. I'm currently in a space with other VR developers, I think we are all using Vives, I don't see a single Oculus kit except for random DK2s. Biggest challenge in VR is funding. Kinda hoping some moneybags will swoop in
  3. What if you made a game like STALKER but without guns, and instead of going into a weird wasteland you were trying to leave it? and Also it was 3rd person? That's basically the gist of this next game I'm making. I'm fascinated with dead malls, near abandoned towns, and other things. I'd like to combine these inspirations into basically a 3rd person walking simulator. Anyway, right now you're a rabbit, that's because I lost interest making the last game, a near recreation of the final scene of Werner Hertzog's "Stroszek" which I might use anyway Anyway, that's all I got. Mainly trying to cook up some levels to run through. I want to figure out a good dialog system so i can write snarky dialog
  4. Fake Games

    I only make fake games
  5. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    This was why I quit Binding of Issac, eventually skill is outpaced by random chance, and you essentially have to keep hitting the button enough times to roll a 20. And since so much of the game is based on practice, you never get to try again at the harder levels with any kind of frequency. FTL became a lot easier when I unlocked the 2nd ship. I had a bunch of middling sessions, and the first trip out I made it to the very end (except for the final boss, who is way too hard)
  6. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    For an art project, someone is collecting as many copies of the 1st pressing of The White album and is recording all of them on top of each other to make some kind of sonic weirdness. Here's The White Album x100, it starts out synced but it starts to smear a whole lot near the end of Dear Prudence. Crazy stuff.
  7. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    First quit game: Pokemon yellow way back in...1999 I think. I was in the 6th grade and we were doing a bunch of activity stuff for the last day of school and I got to bring my gameboy. I was on the elite 4 and my teacher told me to come over and do something. So I turned it off (in the middle of battle!) and never picked it up :/ Recently: Far Cry 2: I don't like it, respawning checkpoints and constant firefights. It's like, I'm single handedly slaughtering small armies and they keep trying to kill me, shouldn't you be running? Hotline Miami: Yeah I'm tired of restarting the same level 100x, too stressful to be fun or worth playing Red Faction: Armageddon. A boring 3rd person *gears of war clooone*. Really what happens is I guess I stop being engaged in the game. The last game I completed was NFS: The Run and that was because it's relatively short and mostly entertaining. I don't have a lot of free time anymore to grind out to level 99 in a JRPG.