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    Hihi, I'm not quite sure how I stumbled on idlethumbs, but since I did a couple of months ago, I've listened to pretty much every episode (including also 3MA). I'm currently more of a game-reader than actual gamer, although that's starting to shift again. After playing lots of games in my teens, i got completely off gaming for 6, 7 years. Then, i started watching starcraft 2 as a balance to heady uni-stuff and that somehow got me into reading lots of game criticism (predominantly RockPaperShotgun and the like) and listening to podcasts. I love strategy games (starcraft, ruse, frozen synapse, warlock), but i rarely feel like I have time to play them properly. Instead, i tend to sink a lot of time into "pure mechanics" games like supermeatboy, binding of isaac and, more recently, dark souls and super hexagon. Other than that I greatly enjoy well-told stories, especially in short-form adventure games. Bastion and to the moon were both great recent games, as were the longest journey and gemini rue. I'm also big into Twine games and am starting to write my own stories. Two titles that Idlethumbs has definitely put on my list of games to play are miasmata and cart life, both of which I own but neither of which I have played. oh, and i really would like to try DOTA to see what it's al about.