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  1. Three Moves Ahead 548: 2021 Recap

    Is it just me or have the recent episodes been mixed at a fairly low volume? I like to listen while I walk to work and I have the volume turned up to max and if a car drives by I can't hear anything. Or maybe my earbuds are getting old.
  2. I found this article quite helpful when I suddenly decided to start watching Starcraft. (It is for complete newbies. But it was where I first understood the whole attack/armour upgrade lingo Until today I had never played Starcraft, but after listening to this episode (and having watched professional Starcraft for over a year now) I decided to try out the SC2 demo. The thing I liked the most was that there was a left-handed preset. It's incredible how many RTSes don't even have rebindable keys. (and there's always too many keys to rebind) If only more games had a leftie preset. Maybe I'd even like playing them.
  3. I love the idea of this. I'm a fairly casual e-sports follower (the twitch mobile app has helped a lot with this. Sometimes before bed I just check the app to see if there's any games to fall asleep to) and I basically stay away from the management of lords. One thing I noticed is that you transitioned between games without even mentioning the games in question. Mostly I noticed this with Starcraft where you started to talk about WCS and GSL and for a new (or casual) listener they'd have no idea what you were talking about. So basically a clearer transition between different games would be good (especially considering the teams names are generally the same for all of these sports )
  4. Games with interesting economic systems

    Another boardgame with a cool supply/demand mechanic is Container. A game where you are producing stuff for other people to store so that another person can ship it to a location where it is then auctioned off. What is interesting whenever we've played is how easy it is to just fall into the pit of overpaying for stuff far beyond its value. I'm sure more analytical gamers wouldn't fall into that trap but the fluctuating prices are great to see in practice.
  5. Video Game Trailers

    Trailers rarely move me one way or the other these days. However more often than not I tend to be excited by trailers even if they're not at all representative of the game. More because they do fun things. Like for example the Dead Island trailer that got everyone excited. It got me excited too, but never for a second did I think the game would be like that. Similarly there's the Cyberpunk teaser and all those fun Magicka trailers. I feel more and more that trailers are completely disconnected from the game itself. Especially nowadays when there's heaps and heaps of Let's Plays and other similar videos floating around. Even developers themselves often have those videos so I just take the cinematic trailers as a standalone piece. Though let's be honest. If that standalone piece is really good then I will take a second look at a game I previously wasn't interested in. Or get me more excited about a game I already was excited about. Like for example those Magicka trailers. They were filled with so much fun that even though the game is buggy (but very fun) it was always a joy to encounter those things. But yeah that Colonial Marines trailer was really, really bad. And as a last point I have to admit that trailers consisting of pure gameplay footage (with GUIs and everything present) are often worse than pre-rendered cinematic trailers to me. Because more often than not watching those pure gameplay footage trailers is incredibly boring.
  6. I have to admit I had discounted Wildman, thinking it was not really "my kind of game". But apparently I had just skimmed through all the stuff about it since I did not know it was a single player game until Taylor said so. In fact I was convinced it was mainly a MP title until he explicitly said "90% of people play single player". It must have been the Lords Management-thing being thrown around because that has Multiplayer in the title that made me just assume that it was primarily a multiplayer game (with a probable single player component) I wonder if there are other people who are as dumb as me (proably not and now I've outed myself). I'll definitely take a second look at Wildman now. Because when I first saw it I literally thought "what a cool concept, too bad it's a multiplayer game".