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    Hello! I'm one of those jerks who just listened to "The Ship Economy" and is going to make an idle forums account just to ask for a Dota 2 key, so TL;DR, Can haz key plz. EDIT (addition): on steam as bowlercaptain, have added darkripper and osmosis. (who needs to capitalize names?! does it count if the official handle is uncapitalized? NTL;GTR (not too long; going to read): I'm one of those jerks who will ask for a key, but I at least feel guilty about it. I've been meaning to join the Idle Forums for a while, but apparently needed greed to push me over the edge. Forums have never been exactly my best medium for participation - I'll meet you in an IRC channel any day, but when I read a forum thread, it often feels like something locked in the past tense, or otherwise a conversation that I wish I had been there for, but was not. I don't get to make the decision of exactly when to chime in, because I basically only get to check once a day. I probably would figure out how to gel now, because the last time I really tried my hand at participating in a forum I was in middle school - I'm ever-so-slightly better at dealing with people now. As for LoMas, I've played quite a few games of LoL, although not enough to become too invested in that game specifically. I "figured out" that LoMas have whatever strategic, competitive depth that makes them so popular after successfully landing a grab-and-pull attack on someone who was running away, allowing me and a teammate to kill them. It wasn't huge, and it was more luck than skill, but I realized that there was certainly more there than the kind of flailing desperation with which I played RTSes. I'm probably never going to play this enough to really be competitive, but it would be cool to play enough to understand what people are talking about. So is it just mandatory to have snap-encyclopedic knowledge of all the items and characters and moves in the game? Or is there just a small set of best strategies that everyone uses? That's sort of the most daunting part to me - I spent a section of time at the beginning of my time playing LoL bewildered at all the item options, and all of the time after that not having enough time to care because oh my god they're attacking the tower and you're still at home base what are you doing I need you at top right now dude!