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  1. Dota Today 2: The Lord's Pitch

    You guys were great on this episode as well as the first, and between those two eps, you two LoMar's are off to a great start . Brad Muir was a cool, funny, and likeable guest, as well as a perfect compliment to the two of you, and I really hope he can occasionally find time to come in and chat with you guys between slaving away over a hot computer on Massive Chalice. (Which sounds awesome, by the way. I could go on about it for like, a paragraph but I'll just stick with saying that I'm really excited.) Lastly, perfect timing on the brief Dota-for-beginners discussion. The only games I really play competitively online are tactical and action shooters, so I'm quite intimidated about getting into Dota. The love you guys clearly have for the game makes me really excited to try it out, and I think your answer to that reader mail was the final nail in the Dota coffin wherein I will be spending the foreseeable future. So thanks, guys. Great cast, great guest, looking forward to the next one. Does anyone on here have any recommendations for learning resources, guides, etc. that might be suitable to a ground-level beginning Dota player? It would be very appreciated. THANK YOU!
  2. Did you choose to go because it was easy?
  3. Thank you for helping me to sleep tonight. Thank you rockbass, and thank you--oh, sorry,
  4. Everything you have said has made me bride-on-a-wedding-day happy. Between Knife of Dunwall, my backlog of Castlevania:SOTN, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Dark Souls I am completely paralyzed as to what to play first. I feel like a kid on Christmas with a huge stack of toys. TOO MANY GOOD GAMES!!! Edit: Wow, a decade old!?! Jesus! time flies, and Christ! that game holds up beautifully.
  5. I just have a terrible memory and the passage of time and long-term effects of anxiety medication kind of muddled things in my head. On "The Clapper" at around 80 minutes Shawn mentioned the phenomenal fan fiction and musical stylings of JustinRPG and Chris in fact mentioned an ostensible future podcast it might be better suited for, and then few moments later Thumbs Sean said that Jake was cooking up a future podcast. Re-listening to it, I realize it in fact sounds more like a reference to an off-cast joke and I guess I either misremembered it or dreamt it as some future reality thing. Weird. Were you thinking of the same thing as I was, Twig? Or am I just (Like your friend's Dad, I just found emoticons.) Oh and as far as explorable space/content in games go, I've just started playing through Metroid Prime for the first time, and I'm LOVING the "Scan" mechanic. It strikes me as a brilliant way to put forth contextual narrative/story/gameplay tidbits in a quick, clean, and totally optional way. For being a couple of years old, it's suprisingly modern: it's sort of a more succinct, readily available version of Dishonored's Heart. (I love The Heart, but I would often try and get backstory on certain NPC's to see if I felt like killing them or not, and it got a bit irritating when I would keep clicking a pixel or two off a certain character and then have to wait through a thirty second, utterly depressing monologue I'd heard six times before. I wish it would've been skippable or something...but I'm sure that would've probably presented its own problems. I'm no game designer.)
  6. My knee-jerk immediate just-got-out-of-the-theater-twitter reaction was that it was a cool, cool cast, guys ! It's great to have Nick back. Between Boost, Games, Famous, and Breckon (and of course the ever-orbiting SCOOPS, who will always be true thumb to me), the Thumbs are definitely a good gang. It's now been a few episodes without him, and I really do miss Sean Robotmanaman, who sounds pretty sweet as a cyborg, and is a nice guy, who we like. Completely unrelatedly, the other thing I miss is a pretty silly thing to even notice, let alone pine for ( ), but I enjoy Chris's music stuff and was always amused by the mini-fanfare that opened each episode, using the "Wuxtry!" chords set to a random instrumentation. I would always crudge around with stuff like that on my little keyboard as a kid, recording a MIDI track and switching the instrument out to Tubas or Timpanis or weird space synths, so I guess I've always been fond of that sort of thing. I was just curious if it might pop back up again, or if it was phased out permanently after ep. 100. And I now realize I sound like the guy from that EA shareholder's meeting inquiring about that charming Michael Jordan photo. I just thought those chords were quite charming, is all.! I know it's a pain in the ass to edit and put all those little touches that make Idle Thumbs what it is, so I wanted to say that I always appreciate and enjoy it when Thumbs music and sound design is used to playful, humorous, or atmospheric ends. Good job on that, Chris. And as far as the actual discussions, lengthy digressions, and meaty center of the show, well you guys always make my week that much better Also, cool new theme arrangement! Video gaaa-aaaa-aaaames. Oh! And P.S. Was that podcast idea of Jake's that was mentioned a while back a real thing, or just some typical Big "Video Bird" Games japery? (Semi) seriously though, what's the deal with that?
  7. Idle Thumbs 91: The Clapper

    As soon as I saw that the new ep was up my first reaction was to text my girlfriend and exclaim "Holy shit! Shawn Elliott's on the new Idle Thumbs." The great video game podcast singularity is complete...yeah, I'm on a podcast high right now. Yay for a new podcast. Go Thumbs!