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  1. Tone Control is a Podcast!

    Adding to this wishlist, it would be sweet if you had Chris Hecker on to talk about Spy Party!
  2. Tone Control is a Podcast!

    I grind my teeth every time Sean says "obstensively," which happens several times in this episode. The word is OSTENSIBLY. Minor quibbles aside, this was really great, and I'm looking forward to adding this to my regular podcast rotation.
  3. The one time I actually send in reader mail, you guys forget to do any reader mail. Figures.
  4. Plug your shit

    I wrote a thing for Rock Paper Shotgun. It's an interview feature with Hinterland Games, the guys behind the awesome-looking The Long Dark.
  5. Keiji Inafune's Mighty No.9

    I'm substantially less interested in this as a 2.5D game than I would be if it were a proper 2D game with hand-drawn sprites.
  6. Return of the Steam Box!

    Yeah, it's got big squishy analog triggers, like the ones you use to accelerate in every console driving game.
  7. Plug your shit

    Awwww yissss. I'm glad you guys are gonna make that jet thing into a real game.The prototype was pretty fun.
  8. Microphone Recomendations

    You just have to change your windows settings so that it uses the USB card as the default sound device. It's not a big deal.
  9. RockStar Social Club - Idle Thumbs

    Mington's a big fat phony! He doesn't even have GTA V on his profile!
  10. Return of the Steam Box!

    The dude who made Super Meat Boy specifically tried the thing out with some very controller-oriented 2D platformers, including his own game, and says it works quite well.
  11. So this is a thing apparently. Nels Anderson, Sean Vanaman, Jake Rodkin and Olly Moss are starting an indie studio together. This is a studio that is literally composed entirely of Thumbs and Thumbs guests. I like how they didn't even mention this on the podcast yesterday.
  12. RockStar Social Club - Idle Thumbs

    Just applied. Playing GTA V on 360. Once GTA Online comes out, this crew will be useful.
  13. Campo Santo, aka Idle Thumbs: The Studio

    BOLLOCKS. Disregard this thread. I am bad at the search function.
  14. I'm not sure where you were looking on the internet, but "the sport of kings" is not polo, it's thoroughbred horse racing. is the sport of kings.
  15. Microphone Recomendations

    You're almost definitely thinking of the Shure SM58. Also, yeah, another vote for the Yeti. As far as USB desktop mics go, they're pretty much the gold standard.
  16. Earth Defense Force 2025

    I also played it at PAX, and spent enough time with it to play all the classes and finish the demo mission they had on display. I wrote a feature about it. It looks pretty excellent, and has all the stuff that made the first one great, plus cool new bits.
  17. Feminism

    "With that said I absolutely regret everything we did after that comic. I regret the follow up strip, I regret making the merchandise, I regret pulling the merchandise and I regret being such an asshole on twitter to people who were upset." Not sure how that could possibly be any clearer.
  18. Feminism

    I'm really not sure where this idea that PAX is a "hostile environment" is coming from. I attended a gender diversity panel this PAX, and it was both well-attended and extremely positive. All the questions were from folks looking for solutions to their own problems with gaming communities/gender politics, and no one was rude or negative at any point in the whole thing. It's such a ridiculous extrapolation to think that because one of the guys who writes a comic that this convention is loosely based around says some dumb shit sometimes, the whole event is a hive of rape and misogyny. Have any of the people who are under this impression ever actually been to a PAX event of any sort?
  19. Shantae HD Kickstarter!

    Oh, good, it's not just me. I haven't played any of their other games, I don't think, but all the gameplay in that kickstarter video looks like bog-standard action platforming. We've got a good 30 years worth of games that have done that pretty well, so I think I'll pass on this one.
  20. Feminism

    This pretty much sums up my view on this whole PAX thing.
  21. Feminism

    Everything SecretAsianMan just said is on point. Also, this: a really bad analogy, and I think everyone can see why without me spelling it out. (Hint: PAX is an event about games, not about Mike's misguided personal opinions. A Tea Party rally, on the other hand, is about...)
  22. Feminism

    Your end goal here is to call a dude an asshole? I was under the impression that the goal was to make gaming as inclusive of a community as possible. To that end, giving panels on gender/race/LGBT acceptance at a conference with 120,000 attendees seems like a pretty good idea, regardless of whether one of the dudes who runs the conference is a dickhead or not.
  23. Feminism

    Boycotting PAX is destined to be completely ineffectual. There are 120,000 people who attended PAX this year, and ~119,000 of them either don't care about, or are completely unaware of, this whole controversy. The only thing that will be accomplished by those 1000 people who do care boycotting PAX is removing their voice from the conversation - and believe me, that conversation was in full swing at PAX this year. There were panels about gender representation in games, gender diversity in games media, queer acceptance in the games community, etc. Those panels were well-attended from what I saw, and stand a pretty good chance of educating people on the issues they discuss. If you want to take your ball and go home because of some dumb shit Mike said, you're more than welcome to do so, but don't for a second think that that's going to help the situation at large. All that will do is make those panels disappear, make that viewpoint disappear from the PAX dialogue, and leave even more people in the dark than there currently are.
  24. Shantae HD Kickstarter!

    The gameplay in the kickstarter video looks thoroughly unremarkable. Am I missing something here?
  25. Keiji Inafune's Mighty No.9

    Y'all need to find a copy of Anniversary Collection and go play some old-school megaman. The PS2/Xbox versions are only like $20, and those games hold up incredibly well.