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  1. Amateur Game Making Night

    No, not really. Think of a class as a template for an object. Example: You have the class Vehicle. In this class you can specify how many wheels it has, what kind of engine or maybe its color. A method is another word for a function, which means something that you feed input to and returns an output. Let's say you want to make a car. First you specify the template, then name it. Vehicle blue_car; Then you have vehicle functions. Maybe you want to be able to paint the vehicle? Define a method/function inside the class that changes the Color attribute in the Vehicle class. blue_car.paint("green");
  2. Counter-Strike Idle Terrorism.

    I mostly do regular Defuse mission MM or Deathmatch. I'm currently sitting on Master Guardian 2 after 70ish wins. I have to say, I miss the days of Gold3. So much more fun. As Wrestlevania said above - match making with friends is a lot more fun. Even if you're just 2 in a lobby, that's still 20% more people you know in your team. To answer sclpls and Justing Leego's question above, never. People will always hate you for being less skilled than them. When playing MM with random people, be prepared to be hear "fucking noob", "you're so bad" and "please kick me, I don't want to play with you". It's pretty hilarious how seriously some people take this game and its match making ranks.
  3. 3D Modeling

    Sculptris is a fun tool, not super suitable for gamedev maybe. It's free too.
  4. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    Here's a fun one from one of my favorite developers.
  5. Thumb Fortress 2

    The new tour in Mann Up mode has been pretty fruitful for me. I've probably spent 8€ on tickets and made 70€+ from what I've gotten as a tour reward. No Australium weapons yet though. For those who want to play a bit more competatively there's TF2Center. You can play Highlander, which is one of each class, in 9 vs 9 mode. Or the more refined 6 vs 6 mode, where you have 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demoman and 1 medic. It's fun even if you're not super good. 9v9 is more newbie friendly though because every class is utilized. Just a PSA or something...
  6. As an avid TF2 player I enjoyed the talk about the Valve free-to-play economics. Speaking of... Enjoy your 700$ Jake and Sean. Edit: Hope I'm not out of line here but if you're not interested in putting in the man hours and risk trying to sell your stuff you might consider donating them to the TF2 charity event Tip of the Hats. They already have tens of thousands of dollars worth of items so far and the livestream event should be insane this time. It's for a very good cause.
  7. I've played Kingdom of Loathing on and off since 2004 so this episode was a delight. I actually found out about Idle Thumbs from one of the very early KoL podcasts. I feel that the style of Idle Thumbs and the KoL podcast/video gameshotdog is very much the same except the blood alcohol content is a lot higher in the latter.
  8. GeoGuessr

    It's very addicting and surprisingly fun. I keep hearing about people googling the street names etc. but that's kind of like cheating, isn't it. Getting thrown into your own country is fun and I recongize it immediately. Canada is also pretty fun because of their strange city names and nicely signed roads.
  9. Steam Trading Card

    I like it. I kind of want to hate it but I don't. I was in on the first batch of invites, turns out that I'm just level 2. Being able to display trades or items on your profile is pretty cool and useful.
  10. Planetside 2

    Here's Hyllu taking the screenshot above Here's ten seconds later:
  11. For those who want more Gaben, and who doesn't. http://www.nerdist.com/2013/01/nerdist-podcast-gabe-newell-valve-the-games/ http://www.nerdist.com/2013/01/nerdist-podcast-gabe-newell-valve-the-company/
  12. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    You could probably use the Steam OpenID login system and when an user is logged in, you could check his games list if he has The Ship else he can generate a code (given to you by Chris or whomever) which registers his ID to your database saying that he has 2 codes. Scan his steam inventory for the invites and update the frontpage with his name and amount of invites he has left so people can add him. Now the hard part is to track who got the gifts from guy #1. I guess he manually could update his "profile" with the names of the people who got his codes which adds their name to the invites page (after you check that they have the invites) so that users can add them. This is assuming that invites wokes like this: [Guy1] gets 1 game and 2 invites. [Guy2] and [Guy3] gets 1 game each and 1 invite each. [Guy4] and [Guy5] gets 1 game each and no invites. But that's a lot of work...
  13. Planetside 2

    I can't believe I played for 6 hours with you guys. It went by fast. Chill drop squad to the rescue. Also, I'm sorry for crashing straight into you guys yesterday with my plane, I figured out what I did wrong. I pressed shift which apparently is boost. Pro tip for the newbies: Don't fly.
  14. Planetside 2

    Thanks for the heads up. This is going to take a while. Someone should probably make an announcement in the group.
  15. Planetside 2

    8:00 PM. Is that my local time, event planners local time or some standard time zone? Either way, I can probably make it. Also, why no 24h clock, Valve?