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  1. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    After taking a break for a couple of weeks, I came back to do the challenge, managed to do it in the final bar. Not watched the result yet saving that for another day. I only have a couple of puzzles to get now and a load of the e puzzles, but I am at a good place with it. What a game.
  2. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    God, I had such a grin on my face when I realised what was going on with the challenge. Not finished yet, but boy there is something about it that really made me happy. I had goosebumps. I have a question about the triangle puzzles that are lying around the map, do they build to something? I have 'solved' them but they had no discernible effect on the world. This sounds like a good feeling.
  3. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    And with that, the door is open. Thanks!
  4. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I'm not bothered about coming here for hints/discussion. If my friends played this id probably be having similar chats with them. I am in a late game area with many puzzles and I think I am on tilt. I have open a couple of doors and got about 6 puzzles to do in here and I'm just staring at them with no clue. Can I clarify a mechanic about stars in relation to this area? Fun fact, my phone autocorrects tetronimos to retro imps. I know which I prefer.
  5. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Holy cow! I noticed As for post laser discussion
  6. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Quickly scrolled down to miss the outright hint. But I think I know what you mean now. There are some things around there that look like they fit in with solutions. I swear 9/10 of the hard puzzles are literally "take a step away and approach it with a new perspective" I'll try what I think you are on about tonight. Cheers for the hint though. I have been coming back to this one puzzle a lot and just having no idea. With the ship, I only spent 10 minutes on it, no major sticking point yet. I just need to work out how to apply the stimuli to the board.
  7. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Hmm, I'm not sure how to open that door then. I'm at a point now where I only have two lasers to get (370+35) I presume the ship is one and the city is the other. I don't think I have seen a way to use three stars of one colour before. Opening the door to the shipwreck is a clusterfuffle.
  8. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Ah, thanks.
  9. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I think I get the blue, will have to test when I get home tonight. As for the ending Thanks!
  10. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Morning all, I've been plugging away at this game. At about 320+25, 6 lasers. I have been stuck on the blue Tetris pieces like a number of people here, initially the one posted here, but now the third puzzle in the next room. I thought I understood the mechanic but now I am totally lost with them. I had a big ramble originally written about endings, but I ultimately decided to go my own way. Just one question (assuming my understanding is correct) Ramble
  11. Destiny

    Yeah, we got up to oryx, it took us like 15 hours to get to this point trying to figure out the mechanics. We have definitely missed some stuff, there were areas that we noticed things but didn't put 2 and 2 together until later, at which point it was too late. Oryx though. what a pain, one person goes down and you are screwed. I can't play tonight though so ill have to start again after the reset I have only had one drop up until this point, 300 boots, all the engrams I am getting are decoding to 250-270. Lovely stuff Edit: the king is dead
  12. Destiny

    yeah the exotic farming basically ruins the end game, waiting for the next exotic should be a surprise, not a cheesed loot drop. Has anyone tried the raid yet? My group hasn't finshed it yet, but we were up till 5 this morning trying to work it all out.
  13. Destiny

    I had a great time playing rift last night. The whole game getting an overhaul makes it seem so fresh, but as above, I will miss the wolves, such fun hunting out the chests Managed to get the moments of triumph today, glad it was extended a few days.
  14. Destiny

    God, skolas is hard
  15. Destiny

    How do you get etheric light? My understanding is that it is a random nightfall drop and level 34 and 35 prison of elders. Seems like you really need to punch above your weight to get it...
  16. Destiny

    I did the vault of glass last night for the first time. Quite a bit of hitting a brick wall but the vault itself was a beautiful looking area. Need to power level up to 34 to do crota et al now. Shame my VoG armour drops were of a lower light level than what I had already bought from the vanguard.
  17. Destiny

    Is there a quick way to gain crucible rep? I've managed to get to rank 2 of the vanguard easily, but it seems that the match length and low rep rewards from crucible are making it really hard to get the last 1500 rep I need to buy the crucible armour. Having said that though, it'll probably be easier to get the extra 50 vanguard marks and buy another bit of armour from them. That'll get me pushed to level 31, Dragon strikes have been pretty helpful for gear though, managed to get a 36 light arm set out of that and a couple of purple weapons.
  18. Destiny

    I had my first exotic drop, as a level 21. Ha.
  19. Destiny

    It does look mighty cool though
  20. Destiny

    Will do, my name is the same as on here but I'll let you know I got your id off of here. The 100 cruicible wins is a bit of a joke, I won 4 matches in the little time I got to play tonight, it's counting me at 24. Ez etc. I played a little of the story to unlock the cruicible and was having a great time blasting the low level enemies. I had forgotten about the wolves though. All these little guys then suddenly a level ?? Steps out of nowhere and knocks me into next week. Ha.
  21. Destiny

    Ah cheers, that's much appreciated, I'll let you know when I get to a position to do a nightfall. That's also a good point about levelling up first in crucible. I had heard people saying that that is a more efficient method, but I didn't realise it affected what you got from the story content. Your guide seems like it will put me in a good position, thanks for taking the time to spell it out.