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  1. Netflix

    Or you could wait for the DVD release.
  2. Celebrating 100 Episodes (Maybe)

    What if they recorded an epic four and a half hour podcast where they had to answer all of their reader's questions?
  3. Netflix

    Never had problems with any Netflix interface, save the Wii's first one, where it disabled searching.
  4. SCTV will always be one of the best sketch shows ever. The specificity and depth to their film parodies is just unbelievable. They've probably done about 5 Ingmar Bergman parodies. (Skip to 0:55 to skip the cheesy opening. Skip to 20:06 to see Joe Flaherty as Art Garfunkel reenact the famous Marx Brothers mirror bit with the monolith from 2001 wearing a wig. AKA THE MOST AMAZINGLY BIZARRE SKETCH PREMISE YOU WILL EVER SEE.)
  5. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I'm assuming more Ship codes will be sent out once the details of get hammered out, but just in case my Steam id is
  6. The Walking Dead

    Whether it's a pilot made to pitch to Networks or the first episode of a commissioned series (The Walking Dead game probably having more in common with the latter), your first episode is always going to be saddled with the most exposition, the audience will be the least invested in the characters, and the artists are the least familiar with what they're making. The first episode of The Walking Dead is able to side-step a lot of it just because the boilerplate nature of what a zombie movie is, but it's just a fact of serialized storytelling. The Wire's pilot is actually an interesting illustration of why that is because, in ignoring so much of that necessary pilot stuff, it's one of the least accessible pilots ever. I know a lot of people who, even after hearing it's the best show ever, were unable to make the leap into watching it because of that pilot.
  7. The Walking Dead

    I definitely dig episode 2, but only because it's contrasted by the more dramatic character stuff in episode 3 (episode 4 feels like a perfect balance between the two, and I haven't played 5 yet). If the whole season went B-movie, I think I would have felt betrayed. My least favorite episode is probably 1, but mostly for the same reasons any pilot episode tends to the weakest.
  8. I am always looking for new people to play TF2 with.
  9. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Maybe you think Frankie Muniz's death is a laughing matter, but I sure don't.
  10. Animated Shorts

    Though he's since added two additional shorts to this to make a feature-length triptych, Don Hertzfeld's "Everything Will Be Ok" remains the most powerful animated film I've ever seen.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, they definitely still exist, but there was a time in the mid-00's when the commentary track was a matter of course for major studio releases and that's not really the case anymore. Which is a real shame. There's never been a non-Friedkin/Altman commentary track (great directors, but they come from the "slowly describe what's happening on-screen" school of commentaries) I didn't learn something from.
  12. The Walking Dead

    Was any one else worried after Episode 2 that the game had jumped the shark and landed in crazy town? I really loved how quickly everything spiraled out of control but the leap from "choose who gets to eat today" to "crazy cannibal murder farm" gave me some pretty hard whiplash. I still really loved Episode 2 for the crazy roller-coaster that it was, but the relatively quiet episode 3 came as a relief to me.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    In general haven't commentary tracks (and special features) been on the decline? Unless the director has clout or the studio has a financial reason to invest in a special edition DVD, commentary tracks aren't terribly common these days.
  14. The Walking Dead

    I thought I'd crank through the first season in about a week but I actually find myself taking a week off in between each episode. The game is just too stressful and upsetting.
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Gorged on the complete run of the podcast in about a month, been poking around the forums for the past couple weeks.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I mostly agree with this article that claims that the dramatization of Maya conflicts with the procedural elements (though I don't think it hurts the film quite as much as D'Angelo does). Still a really good movie, though.
  17. Chicago

    Chicago Thumb here. I second Hot Dougs. I'm not a fan of Chicago style pizza, but My Pie and Pequod's are two fine choices (though if you need a chain, I'd go with Lou Malnatis over Giordano). The rest of what I was gonna say is covered by Mr. Sex.
  18. Music of the games of video

    When it comes to 8-bit stuff, it's hard to separate "memorable" with "burned into your brain because it's the same 40 seconds of music looped for hours" but I have had MULTIPLE nightmares set to (ironically enough) the music from LJN's NES Nightmare on Elm Street game. Particularly the title screen music: Something about that off-kilter rhythm really freaks me out.
  19. I have started this book maybe a dozen times, never getting further than 25 pages in. I think Pynchon exists solely to mock those with ADD.