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  1. [Release] Super Hollyweedland

    This is a really nice vignette; so atmospheric and pleasant! I felt like I could just walk around listening to that music for ages. I liked the scene transitions with the echo-y fade out a lot.
  2. This was so charming, I was smiling the whole way through it.
  3. [Release] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    This was funny and well put together. Also, some good bunny hopping in this game!
  4. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    This was so good! Everyone will have already made comments on how good it looks, so instead I'll talk about the audio, which is great! Everything, from the music to the voice acting and the good FX on the radio chatter helped to build up atmosphere in a way that made the setting seem convincing. When I switched on the bedside radio and heard the sound of the radio show filling the room as the player character commented on it, it felt like I ws in a real, lived in place. Anyway, well done on this. Huge accomplishment.

    If that's the case, then @One8Two8 has some work to do:

    Looks like you're still in the top 25!

    In another bizarre twist, the game is now featured on the front page of!

    I just put out a patch! Changes: New game launcher - lets you configure display/graphics settings Fixed player spawn in particle FX colours Red enemy should now no longer hide on the edge of the playfield Big triangle enemy has an updated material to help it stand apart from the small triangle Trails fixed on blue enemy A few extra wave templates added to the rotation

    Aaaa yeah I just saw that! Crazy!

    Thanks for the notes! The game was designed with controller sticks in mind, and is easier to play with them (to my mind at least), but keyboard support was a relatively easy thing to add in and was worth the effort to let more people play it. Yeah, I generally tried to be forgiving to the player where I could to minimise the bad sort of frustration. For example, when enemies spawn in, they're harmless to the player for about half a second so that the player doesn't have to immediately react to its presence when the spawn anim starts. Also, the collider boxes for the player are smaller than the actual visible model, so you won't get killed unless it definitely looked like a collision. That said, single hit death is one of those things that is always going to frustrate to a certain degree. I toyed with the idea of a health system, but it would have made each run longer than I would have liked. Thanks so much for the comments, and I'm glad you liked it on the whole!

    Seeing people playing and enjoying this makes my incredibly happy. Thanks everyone! I'm thinking of putting out a patch this evening for some of the small issues people have been having; like the issue with the red enemies (which should be really easy to fix). Thanks all for the feedback.

    Ahh I see. I should really figure out a way to implement rebindable controls...

    Thanks Ben!! Anything over 3000 is pretty good btw, I can't score much higher than that myself . I think you can in fact use the right shoulder button as well!

    This game is released now and you can play it! Lots more to talk about at some point but it's super late and I need to go to bed immediately.
  15. [Released] Signature Moves

    I sent you a PM
  16. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    This is cool. Looking forward to playing this on the weekend.

    Haven't been able to submit this yet unfortunately! I had a rough week last week so I was quite a bit behind, and then on the Sunday night there was a bunch of broken stuff, some of which was preventing me from packaging the game . I'm working on it though! Hopefully will get a build out very soon. In more positive news, snake enemies are now in this game:
  18. Hello everyone! There will be another Wizard Jam in June. If you're new to the community, Wizard Jam is the community-run game jam we host twice a year. Wizard Jam is not a contest; the main emphasis is to celebrate the Thumbs community through sharing and collaboration over the course of a fortnight. We write devlogs and post GIFs. We offer support and volunteer music, sounds and other assets. We play each other's games and stream them. It's a lot of fun. The other thing we try to emphasise is encouraging people to try making something new and unfamiliar; or to try game development for the first time entirely (quite a few of the entries we've had in the past are from complete first-timers to gamedev!). We run the jam over the course of two weeks to give people the room to try something weird and see how it turns out. Wizard Jam - Friday 2nd June to Sunday 18th June Showcase Weekend - Saturday 24th June to Sunday 25th June Choose an episode title from any show on the Idle Thumbs podcast network and use it as a theme prompt for your game. Use this site to browse through show titles: (Thanks to Broxxar, Panzorfork & matt.ishii for providing the site) The diversifiers are an optional challenge for the jam. They're creative prompts, designed to help you design a game around a specific limitation (or set of limitations). You can choose as many (or as few) as you like and incorporate them into your game. "2D's company, 3D's a crowd" - Make a 3D game using only 2D graphics. Limited Vocabulary - Limit your player's verbs (run, jump, punch) to just one! Make a game that explores that verb to its fullest. "You Just Played Yourself 🔑" - Make a game where you play against yourself, or a game where your past movements or actions are important in some way. Hoisted - The game conspires to destroy the player in some way; or the game allows the player to be the cause of their own undoing. Texture Thrift - Use the same art/prop asset as many times as possible in your game, whilst obscuring the fact you are doing this. Frug Froctions - Include another, entirely separate game inside your game. This jam is not a competition, and there is no minimum level of game development experience needed to join. People from all backgrounds are welcome to participate. If you're new to gamedev, let us know! Join us on the forums and on Slack; where you'll find help, advice and encouragement from the community. Entries containing any form of harassment or hate-speech are not permitted. Anything crossing into this territory will be removed. Use this subforum to make development log threads, recruit folks, and chat about development related stuff! There's also the game development subforum and the #wizardjam slack channel. If you aren't a already a member of the slack group and would like an invite, send me a private message at @zerofiftyone and I will make sure you get access. For Wizard Jam 5, we're trying something new! After the jam finishes, we'll be hosting a Showcase Weekend; an opportunity for everybody to step back from the game making process and look at what everyone else has made; with an emphasis on giving feedback and comments to fellow creators. It's covered in the schedule below, and there'll be more details to follow. HERE'S THE PAGE WHERE YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR GAME : [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Browse Past Wizard Jams: Wizard Jam (Apr 2015) Subforum Link Link Winter Wizard Jam (Nov/Dec 2015) Subforum Link Link Wizard Jam 2016 (May 2016) Subforum Link Link Wizard Jam 4 (Nov/Dec 2016) Subforum Link Link
  19. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    You can also click and hold the thread title to do this.
  20. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Either message me on here, Slack or Twitter if you need your game adding manually.

    The leaderboard display is working!

    Today in unexciting development gifs: polished score UI!

    In the final weekend, I finally have a title for my game. I've done a bunch of other small stuff in the last week, but not nearly as much as I'd have liked! It's going to be a struggle to finish this one in time tomorrow, I think.
  24. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Looking good, my dude. Where is that logo btw? You should totally post that here, it's great.