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  1. Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time

    Yup, lots to be proud of there. Congratulations, you got me.
  2. Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time

    I hear a lot of whining about how bad the F2P model in this game is coming from people who admit to not having played the game at all. Instead of poisoning the waters for the game, why don't you either play it and make an informed decision or don't play it and stop talking about it like you know anything.
  3. Having played through almost all of PvZ2, I can say that the Free to Play BS doesn't ever get to the level where I felt the need to spend money. I'm sure that I could have made my playthrough much easier if I had spent money, but I enjoyed the difficulty of the game having not spent any money. The coin currency to buy plant food/instakill skill is more than plentiful enough to use it when you get in an "OH S#$%" moment without ever needing to buy anymore. The keys that drop to unlock gates is pretty rare, but by the time I beat all the levels in the initial two zones, I had earned more keys than needed to unlock everything. I had to replay some levels a few times because I didn't spend coins when I could have, but I lost to levels in PvZ1 sometimes as well when I didn't plan ahead far enough. If the Free to Play crap bothers you, then don't pay them anything. Enjoy a difficult but very fun game and pretend that the microtransaction stuff doesn't exist. I will whole-heartedly recommend this game to anyone who asks.
  4. Is the Dota community any better than the LoL community? I like the gameplay mechanics of LoL but I'm getting really sick of the community.