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  1. Fuck Ni... I mean congrats Janelle. Hope you guys figure out a good solution.
  2. Thanks for answering my questions, guys! I think that's Sean's job now - he was recently subjected to an interview by me, as well ;P But yeah, some good answers. Sean's thoughts on writing basically reflect my own experience, except that I've had less chance for reality to bash me into working shape. I *think* I'm finally starting to get the hang of it, having now been an indie developer for a year or so, and having been blogging heavily for a bit. But even the Xmas break threw my work ethic pretty hard. As for the Far Cry 3 stuff - I pretty much agree with everything the Thumbs said, although this is coming from the POV of someone who hasn't actually touched the game. I find it so hard to play shooters these days. I think I'm similar to Jake in my struggle to find AAA games that really engage me. (And you should all read that crazy interview: Anyway, if anyone's interested in my crap, here's a blog I wrote about Sean and Jake's game: And here's a game I made with my company (which shocked me by winning a writing award :0): And yes, shameless self-promotion here, and I apologise for that, but it seems to be the lot of the indie developer/freelance writer on this crowded Internet... I'm a new Thumbs fan, but I'll be back. I'm addicted now.