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  1. Episode 396: Endless Space 2

    I agree that it's a shame that these review eps can be slightly dimished if game-breaking bugs prevent the panel from playing - but it's hard to know that without hingsight (and standard caveat that I enjoy the show and don't intend to whine). Some blame surely rests with the 4x genre, where increasingly it's not worth playing games until they have 1dlc and 9months of post launch under their belts.
  2. Someone needs to invent a hacking mini-game that's satisfying (and remains satisfying throughout an entire play-through), or just drop/rework the conceit all together.
  3. Another great take on the 'live your life with all your current memories' idea is Replay by Ken Grimwood. Several of the plot points were well predicted by the thumbs - but it certainly drives home how bittersweet a situation it would be - having your old reality undone.
  4. This feels super misrepresentative of DSII. While it does broadly only have 4 paths, the over-world has more connectivity than transcribed. Conversely, DSIII is more linear than represented. A lot of the branching in the figure is purely intra-level connectivity - if you gave the same treatment to the DSII figure it would look similar. I appreciate that DSII is the most divisive in the series, but this just feel like propaganda from the anti-DSII camp.
  5. It can't be overstated how excellent the faction diversity is in endless legend. It goes a long way towards ameliorating the classic 4x late-game trudge. I personally enjoyed playing as the cultists - a faction which can only build one city, but with the capacity to grow their capital far beyond any enemy cities. It's plays remarkably differently to a classic settle-expand faction and almost every faction has a major distinction like this. That being said, if you're a serious 4X aficionado, it's probably worth waiting until they improve the AI (which they say they are working on) as it's a bit crap currently.
  6. Another one - in the UK there's an expression: "thick as pigshit" to imply someone is stupid. Don't think it's crossed the pond though.
  7. Nutritious snacks with a psychosexual subtext. Use code thumbs..
  8. Chickenshit: (adj.) worthless or contemptible.
  9. I'm surprised that "Necronom" rarely get's a mention in fan circles, given the Giger inspiration.
  10. Not only that, but an extra 30KG of luggage requires a non-trivial increase in fuel (and cost to the airline).
  11. I didn't think it was great either, but perhaps not as hackneyed as everyone else seems to find it. I just found the thumbs' discussion interesting as it made me consider unintentional cliché as opposed to deliberate cliché. It was Sean's point that "You could write that well" that compelled my comment, I appreciate why they might want to intentionally overdo it (to serve their overall conceit), even if it ultimately didn't work.
  12. I agree that this structure shouldn't automatically justify what precedes itself, and my intent wasn't to defend the game in this regard. However, your analysis took on an extra significance to me as someone who's finished the game. Big spoilers ahead:
  13. On the topic of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: The hokey writing and plot is more considered and deliberate that you give it credit. It's difficult to explain further without massive spoilers, but the things you found unappealing are re-contextualised near the end of the game. It sounds like Chris isn't going to finish the game, but I would have love to hear his opinions if he does (perhaps he could watch a let's play of the final act).
  14. Now there's an architecture dept. cover band just waiting to happen: "Spandrel Ballet"
  15. That 4 man human tower defusing the bomb through the roof is just fantastic.