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  1. Recently completed video games

    I knew that it probably just hadn't been mentioned. Fired up Hard Mode with my old character last and it really wasn't that hard in comparison. Guess I'll go with a new char tonight.
  2. Recently completed video games

    Did a search and did no one here finish Dragon's Dogma? I am not a guy who plays story-heavy RPGs mostly because what I want is awesome battles and dangerous dungeons to explore and this game is just covered in these awesome moments. It takes the best parts of Monster Hunter and Demon's Souls and turns them into a new game. The challenge is in there too, unlike Skyrim, where you can diddle about in the overworld so long as you don't piss off any of the bigger monsters. Anyone else here on a second play through on Hard Mode like me?
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey all. I broke in through the basement window Three Moves Ahead left open, and look to get my hands into the community for conversation and teamplay type games. I am actually mainly a strategy gamer, but I have been dying to get a team together for CS: GO or Leauge of Legends. And when I'm not playing either of those badly, or Paradoxing or Total Warring in some era, I play this slick mmo Vindictus. Drop me a line if you want to set something up.
  4. Episode 198: The Kessel Run

    UoC felt like the elephant in the room during that episode, even though it was mentioned at the end. I've never played War in the East, and it seems likely I am not the guy they were thinking of when they made it, but UoC has inflamed in me a facination with the subject matter. I would have loved a quick examination of how they compare gameplay wise.