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  1. Why does the first one not work, but the second one does?

    And how can I tell the difference in the future?


    Regarding how to tell the difference in Unity specifically, try putting the following code in a C# file (I don't think my trick works with the "Javascript" files):

    int i;
    char c;
    Vector3 v;
    GameObject obj;
    string s;

    If you hover over the different data types (int, char, etc) you will get a little popup that tells you whether it's a struct or a class. It sounds like in Unity, structs are the "by value" types and classes are the "by reference" types, so you can tell roughly how they're going to behave based on that. =)

  2. \o/ !!!


    It's a wheelbarrow. Boom. I will PM you my address. Can I expect my silver royals and ropes within, let's say, two weeks?


    Well done! Expect the items to be delivered via wheelbarrow and/or bird.

  3. Can we have a hint? Is 'leg' refering to an part of something. For example "I commence the second leg of my jungle expedition"

    Nope, these legs are just protuberances reaching to the ground which support the weight of the be-legged object in question! (I can give further hints if you wish, but those depend so much on a proper degree of subtlety, and all the ones I can think of at the moment are either too obscure or too obvious).


    I will at least tell you that the riddle is from a treasure chest in Betrayal at Krondor, an entertaining computer software program for your Disk Operating System. So if you play that game after we solve this riddle, hey, you get some free treasure!

  4. A golf bag


    Another fine suggestion! Do people want to keep trying to guess the True Answer or have enough viable alternatives been suggested so as to render this riddle Kind Of Lame and I should just spoil it? =P

  5. A pair of pants?

    That's a good one! It's not the answer I was thinking of (and it will not unlock the WORDLOCK RIDDLE CHEST in the game from whence this riddle comes) but I can't think of any other objections (well, except if you're in the habit of crawling).

  6. Not a bird either! (Many people think it is a bird, and I can sympathize, but sometimes birds hop or run or do other ground-based activities). That video has hypnotized me into thinking maybe bird is the word after all, though.

  7. A clock that, once it runs out of juice, droops its hands southward.


    That's one of the more inventive guesses I've heard :D but it is not The Answer! (After all, even if the clock was still running, what about 6:30? =)

  8. I lost track of whose turn it is, but I won a maths-riddle so I am going to ask a new riddle!

       Two legs it has   And this will confound   Only at rest   Do they touch the ground

    First person to guess, wins 166 silver royals, 4 ropes, 2 rings of prandur, and a dalatail milk.

  9. When you cut a link, you get to remove it from both halves of the chain. I got it in three, not sure if there's a better way.



    8 (1) 14

    8 (1) 8 (1) 5

    8 (1) 8 (1) 4 (1)


    with the (1)'s being the cut links

  10. I like G.K. Chesterton poems though, like all his stuff, it fluctuates wildly in terms of quality and carefulness. (Probably because many of the things he wrote had their beginnings as Newspaper Jokes). The Ballad of the White Horse is a good long poem, and A Ballade of Suicide is a good short one. (Also these

    he wrote to Charles Darwin's granddaughter).


    Alternatively: The Day They Make Me Gorgeous by a man named Rives, is a thing you could listen to.

  11. How was this a hint for bookkeeper?!


    It's not, it's merely reference to another classic Encyclopedia Brown mystery, where he determines that someone is the culprit because of their fake, fake tears. ^_o

  12. Hold on, the question was can you name such a word. I was the first to answer with No. I win, totes on a technicality. Don't make me get the internet lawyers.


    When the internet lawyers join your riddle game, everybody loses. D:

  13. Actually, that's where I got it from in the first place :eyebrow:


    If nobody manages to guess this riddle, I think I will cry.

    But the tears will be streaming from the outer corners of my eyes and so you will know they were faked!

  14. After much brow-furrowing I thought of the real answer, but I don't want to say it because I had the teensiest tiniest bit of a hint stuck in my head from when Encyclopedia Brown solved this riddle in my youth. :P

  15. I've taken a lot of flack for delegating and having groups of my own goons. Olly had made it clear that he was going to have lots of friends giving him help and I had pre-organized zilch so felt like I had to take that aspect of the strategy seriously.  I fully expected shit to go full Reservoir Dogs at any moment and think I just got lukcy (and also chose to send a lot of people away from me on another team because I was worried they'd all turn and kill each other).


    Operating blind as you were, I think you did fine. =) It's just some of the aggressive behavior of the goons themselves that puzzled me (Olly's band might have behaved similarly if they'd survived =P). Still, a worthy experiment. ^_^


    (It occurred to me that if you both started with equal numbers of unarmed goons and *did* watch each other's streams while directing the goons, they would basically be your pikmins...and then you could use motorcycle helmets for marbles...and etc...).

  16. Speaking of Home Alone, I always thought he was exaggerating when he used the aftershave,

    until I switched from an electric razor to a straight razor last October and tried it for myself.


    Q: Who do you guys think would win in a fight between the snow shovel man from Home Alone 1 and the bird lady from Home Alone 2 (aka "the last Home Alone movie")?


    Edit: Ok, I guess there was a third home alone movie.


    It was that interview Macaulay Culkin did with Barbara Walters where he told her that, literally, he was hoping to disappear off the face of the earth.

  17. I'm about halfway through the Least Dangerous Game stream but I'm not sure I can take 56 more minutes of Sean's crew, who are basically those lamer skeleton-suit chumps from Karate Kid. Now maybe Sean just had all these henchmen foisted upon him and he's trying his best to keep playing the least dangerous game without angering his weird groupies, but if he turns out to be the sweep-the-leg coach after all I'm going to be really e-disappointed.*


    (* unless the metaphor holds up all the way through to a sweet crane kick, and then it's fine)

  18. I've used's collection of public domain classical musics to (though I say it myself who shouldn't) great effect in several flash games over the years.


    For graffix (and some musics?), you can also trawl through this giant page of sprites from the tigsource Assemblee Competition:

    (That's where the sprites that were used in Realm of the Mad God came from, I believe).

  19. Jam refers to a product made with whole games, cut into pieces or crushed.

    Jelly refers to a type of clear game spread consisting of firmed and thickened game juice.

    Preserves are sweetened games developed to the point where large chunks of game or whole games, such as endless runners, are suspended in a syrup base.

    Chutney is a pungent relish made of gameplay, sound and graphics. Although originally intended to be played soon after production, modern chutneys are often made to be sold, so require preservatives – often DLC and multiplayer modes – to ensure they have a suitable shelf life.

    Butter, in this context, refers to a process where the whole game is forced through a sieve or blended after the development process.

    Marmalade is a game preserve made from the juice and peel of real games, watered down and boiled with sweetener. Marmalade is generally distinguished from Jam by its game peel.


    There are other kinds of game jams with various regional definitions, but they are outside the scope of this post.

  20. Most drivers will only ram with their front if they are desperate.


    Or if, like my uncle, they eventually grow reckless and begin to value Spectacle over Victory. Every year. =P


    Next Car Game looks pretty great for a car game (I played the sandbox level with all the silly obstacles and it was hilarious) but what I really want is a nice Combination Harvester-Thresher Derby game.