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  1. I was sceptical about Titanfall but that parkourish movement changed my mind.  I think it looks pretty cool.  The Division is a new IP that also seems pretty cool.  In regards to sequels both MGSV and DAIII will be ones to keep an eye on for me, one due to the excitement the other due to hoping they don't mess it up.

  2. Watched the Sherlock TV series over the weekend with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  I enjoyed it a lot and highly recommend it.  Found the ~1 1/2 hr episode format very interesting.  Allows for longer stand alone stories to be told which I appreciated.

  3. Just listened to the podcast and found the question of how to start off in DOTA pretty interesting. When I started off in LoL I started alongside my brother which was good as we were able to learn together.  We also had a friend that we played basketball with once a week who had played for a while.  Every week we'd ask him questions like "what is jungling, why shouldn't I build this item, etc." which helped a lot.  Also watching the pros after gathering the basics can definitely help.

  4. So I watched Star Trek: Into Dorkness.


    1. why does she have a British accent when her dad has an American accent
    3. there is some obvious-ass foreshadowing going on all up in this biz
    5. several of the setpieces from the bridge of the enterprise are UPC scanners. There's a matching pair included in every single shot of the bridge that are identical to a weird replacement scanner we had when I worked at Blockbuster. Nobody liked using it because it was a piece of shit.

    A++ would watch again.

    Yeah apparently they were gonna have a scene explaining she grew up in London but ended up cutting it.

  5. Not sure if you remember the Sony conference but they described a very similar premise. 

    Thank goodness the rumor mill is still cranking post-reveal:


    The Xbox One can talk to you, will feature remote play


    Polygon is reporting that the One will have a feature where a friend can connect to your game remotely via Skype and "help one another get through sections of the game when they're stuck". If that's true, it seems kind of like nothing we've ever seen before. Sure, we've all couch co-op-ed a single player game before, but in this scenario you could both be playing separate instances of the same single-player game across the country from one another and help each other in a "oh man, I remember how to do that part" way. Kinda neat, if true.

  6. Chortle they may but there's no way they'd reach a billion sales which was my original point.  However as the actual quote was a billion sales for all next gen consoles the entire argument is somewhat moot.

    If Microsoft hits half a billion in sales in what we consider a "typical" console life cycle (5-8 years, who knows what it will be for the future), they will be a runaway insanity smash success and chortle at the copycats that lag behind them.

  7. They were just quick examples, basically what I'm saying is if Microsoft even starts to approach half a billion sales, there are going to be copycats that cut into their market share.

    Neither Apple not Google would do that, they want you spending money to watch that stuff in their store, not off cable. AppleTV like services is about as far as they'd go I'm willing to bet.

  8. That just sounds absurd.  If it truly takes off running people will look to copy their vision.  You can expect a company such as Apple or Google to release something that you can plug your cable box into and control and watch videos, listen to music, etc.

    Just to get everyone up to speed, Microsoft is saying they're aiming for a billion units of the XBone to be sold in its lifetime.


    What is the closest any console has gotten to this? As of March of 2012 the Playstation 2 sold 155,000,000 units and the Wii has sold 99,840,000 as of March of this year.

  9. I was really surprised by this stance based on what I read before. While saying things would change he seemed to be wary, while this seems like he's all for it.

    Ben Kuchera caught the douchebag bug. Aside from writing an article on the PA Report glamorizing / excusing the XBone, he made some really bad choice tweets.

  10. Copy just came in from Amazon yesterday.  Looking forward to putting in some serious time over the long weekend.  Between playing this and watching the Persona 4 endurance run by GB I'll be getting some serious JRPG exposure after a long hiatus.

  11. Completed Ratchet and Clank Going Commando. What a grind. What a useless garbage story. Definitely a slog compared to the first game. Hope the next one is better.

    You really didn't enjoy it as much as the first? I thought the second was a vast improvement over the first.