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  1. Finally started going through my backlog.  Finished of Infamous 2 to prep for Second Son, also knocked off Dishonored which I had a habit of coming back to every four months.  After the ending of Infamous 2 I'm interested to see where they go with Second Son.


    Oh and finished Gravity Rush as well.  Really enjoyable game that had a nice pick up and play element to it while still having a solid story which was well suited for the Vita.

  2. None off these stupid Sony streams are loading for me. THAT IT! I'M QUITING GAMING

    What a shambles

    I thought I'd try the u stream app, get it beamed directly into my face from the source... This content is only for adult viewer, create a u stream login, enter birthday, connect Facebook, this video is only for adult viewers :(

    Are you kidding me it's been streaming on youtubes the whoooooole time. I guess I'll watch the first half now


    I always just use Youtube, seems to be the most reliable and its easy to go back and rewatch stuff.

  3. This sale is ruining my bank account.  The question is whether or not I'll play all these games by the next Summer Sale.

    The answer is likely no haha.  I've got multiple indie games that I got last Summer Sale that I still haven't checked out.

  4. I think the concept is to play two games, trade all of your cards for the second game to get cards for the first game (that you presumably like more) and get that badge.

    Yeah but there's multiple levels to badges (up to 5 I think but may be mistaken) so getting the level two badge is going to require three games in addition to the one you're trying to get the badge in and a whole lot of trading, or forking out money on the marketplace.

  5. What? What seems silly since everything else seems to have a forum, then I hope you guys don't mind me pestering you with my messages about trading summer cards.

    Never.  We do what we must when playing Steam's meta-game

  6. People are saying that Bioshock Infinite is cheaper at Greenmangaming, but the voucher they have on their site isn't working for that game with me.


    Does crafting a badge require all the cards? I'm likely to get a few before the sale ends, but all of them? Nope, no way. I don't really get this new card system, I started playing Borderlands 2 and got three of the same card, but I haven't gotten any extra since.


    Are they tied to achievements, play time, or are they random?

    I believe crafting a badge requires all the cards in a set.


    They're connected to play time albeit somewhat randomly (idling the game is all you'd need to do in order to get the cards).

  7. I'm a sucker for anything star wars and so have playeda wide variety of them.  Enjoyed the first FU but never picked up the second after hearing how short it was.  It's gonna be on sale for $5 on the PSN next week so I'll likely pick it up then.


    Republic Commando was a great game.  Made each enemy confrontation significant with something like a Super Battle Droid requiring a good amount of skill and tactics to defeat.

  8. Been watching Planetes after seeing someone recommend it in this thread.  I'm really enjoying it and am already regretting when I'll be finished all the episodes.  I'm studying aerospace engineering so all the sci-fi behind it is real interesting and semi-inspiring.