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  1. Recently completed video games

    Finally started going through my backlog. Finished of Infamous 2 to prep for Second Son, also knocked off Dishonored which I had a habit of coming back to every four months. After the ending of Infamous 2 I'm interested to see where they go with Second Son. Oh and finished Gravity Rush as well. Really enjoyable game that had a nice pick up and play element to it while still having a solid story which was well suited for the Vita.
  2. Recently completed video games

    Finally finished Sleeping Dogs. Quite an enjoyable game, really enjoyed the story as well as the combat.
  3. Recently completed video games

    Just finished the Last of Us...that ending is going to have me thinking for days.
  4. The Last of Us

    Just finished the game... god damn that was an ending. Played through the first half over like 3 months but ripped the last third over the last two days and wasn't disappointed.
  5. Gamescom 2013

    I always just use Youtube, seems to be the most reliable and its easy to go back and rewatch stuff.
  6. Games giveaway

    I really like the idea, only got 12 so far but will keep working on it. Personally the game list is great IMO a fair variety of solid titles.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'd give it four fifths of a snikt probably.
  8. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    I picked up: Tomb Raider Star Wars: Republic Commando Rogue Legacy Civilization V The Witcher 2 The Swapper Hotline Miami Mars: War Logs Total War: Shogun Not too shabby for about $80.
  9. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    The answer is likely no haha. I've got multiple indie games that I got last Summer Sale that I still haven't checked out.
  10. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    Yeah but there's multiple levels to badges (up to 5 I think but may be mistaken) so getting the level two badge is going to require three games in addition to the one you're trying to get the badge in and a whole lot of trading, or forking out money on the marketplace.
  11. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    With all these levels for badges I feel like games should have more drops. At least enough to be able to craft one badge.
  12. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    Never. We do what we must when playing Steam's meta-game
  13. LoL (League of Legends (Lords))

    Me and some friends are looking for a 5th member for ranked fives. We're Bronze/Silver level so don't gotta be too great. We're NA region my summoner name is in the sig if you want to add me and play a couple games before joining.
  14. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    Just bought Civ V. I'm also hoping to see Rogue Legacy get around $10. Also likely pick up Dust if it gets a good price cut.
  15. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    I believe crafting a badge requires all the cards in a set. They're connected to play time albeit somewhat randomly (idling the game is all you'd need to do in order to get the cards).