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  1. San Francisco Residents!

    Good to hear a few meetups are taking place! I'll actually be in SF for two days (28/29 September), before heading down to Palo Alto for a conference. I've been to SF before and loved it, but hoping to check out / revisit the following: Golden Gate Park - loved this the last time I was here, Japanese Garden was excellent Presidio - looks substantially larger than GG Park, so a bit unsure about this Dear Mom - Not too far from my hotel, so will definitely check it out Computer History Museum - This is where my conference takes place, so free visit! Exploratorium - supposed to a lot like Launch Pad from the Science Museum here in London, and that is great.
  2. I also just received Tammany Hall in the post, and actually got two games in recently. It is great fun! The game plays pretty quick and the tight number of wards forces interaction and conflict between the players. Plenty of room for bartering and bickering with your fellow Bosses. The sparking up of rivalry's between the players and potential for tit-for-tat responses really brings out the theme of dirty politics. I think you guys will really enjoy it!
  3. 1 books at a time or multiple

    I'm almost exclusively a one book at a time person, but there has been an exception recently, when my wife and I both got into reading A Song of Ice and Fire. As these were all bought on the Kindle, we had to share, which sometimes forced me to be reading a physical book and a bit of whichever particular ASoIaF book I was on at the same time. Even then I'd try and exclusively read one or the other if I could, never both in the same day.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! I was on old listener to Idle Thumbs, totally missed the whole kickstarter thing, but then found out about the resurrection of Idle Thumbs and have been back listening ever since. I don't own a console, in fact I don't even play that many games, but the podcast is still fascinating to listen to. Keep on casting pods
  5. So what was the name of the game/software that was discussed in the break, with the Chinese family emigrating to New Orleans and the benefit of healthcare to longevity? I didn't hear it named at all.