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  1. Long time Thumbs listener, Forum newbie here. I played the Mon 27 April 2015 release and it worked all the way to what I can only assume is the final screen. That was an amazing and hilarious 5-10 minutes of my life, z_bill. Thank you for making this exist!
  2. This marks a number of firsts for me. First time posting in the Idle Forums (howdy!), first time Pynchon, and first time listening to a novel as an audiobook. I'm sure many Idle Thumbs readers were compelled as I was by the dulcet tones of Chris Remo harmonizing with Chris Remo to go claim a book from their sponsor. I must say that I don't think I would have made much headway on CoL49 had I been reading it in a more traditional format. George Wilson reads the version available on and makes a great job of it, and being able to take it in while I'm travelling suits me well. Though I have initially found the characters difficult (if not impossible) to empathise with, I'm finding myself drawn along with the detective story that Oedipa life spirals into. I'm particularly intested in the concept of the real world being an intensely subjective construction in the mind of the individual. All these strange occurances that happen to her could be nothing more than happenstance, but theories of conspiracy give the events a darker tone and Oedipa's internal monologue seems to become increasingly paranoid as a result. This will also be the first Idle Book Club I listen to; I'm very interested to see what they make of it.