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  1. @kyir thanks for the link, that's exactly what I was talking about.
  2. Had to chime in on this one. on fake news and lies: When Princess Diana died I was a senior in high school and for some reason I started telling people that mayim bialik (Blossom) had died the same day but was overshadowed by the Princess. I started to believe my own lie, meanwhile mayim bialik had bowed out of public life to get a phd. I would tell this story from time to time, the fictive gloss rubbing off each time, until someone told me no, she's on that shitty show the big bang theory. self-hoist? on those robo calls: Again late 90s or early 2000s, and having trouble tracking this down, but there was a penny stock that blew up and people investigated. It was a phone service (the actual service I can't remember) but they got people to sign up by cold calling and speaking very lowly "would you like to sign up for the service" and trying to get keep to answer in the affirmative. Then you would get a small surcharge on your phone bill that you likely woudn't notice, like under a dollar. This is something like a 7 year old would try (in a whisper) "mom, can i have a cookie?" Ever since I try to never use affirmative words when talking to telemarketers.
  3. So, I've come to the conclusion about the ruination podcast...... the questions are wishes and the hosts are wily genies.
  4. So, I think Tim Curry's first FMV game was Frankenstein. I made a youtube poop of it years ago, it's really weird. It's amazing that quicktime files on the cd-rom from 1993 still play on modern day quicktime
  5. one of the best episodes I've ever heard.
  6. found this, has like 8 views at ths time, but as they said, looks like someone solved The Witness in 5 minutes like Myst: I didn't watch to much for obvious reasons, but if what I looked at is legit, this will be passed around rather soon.
  7. Hope this doesn't ruffle puffin feathers. Completly commercial, in the sense that it's on GameTrailers and there's an ad in front of it, probably, but I figured people might like to hear Tom Bissel and Brendon Chung shoot the shit with some classical music. Act now for Chris Avellone and Ian Dallas. edit: so the link doesn't seem to want to embed, oh well.
  8. Speaking of great mac wares, anyone ever play System's Twilight by the amazing Zarf (Andrew Plotkin)? System's Twilight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia