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  1. What a brilliant episode, and a perect counterpoint to the "blah" that was #191: Generic as opposed to specific, inclusive as opposed to exclusive. Maybe someone has interesting things to say about component re-use between games? Beyond Cheapass Games' neat idea, having rules that allow extra components to be brought in is something I'd like explored.
  2. I've created an account on IT just to voice my dislike of this episode. This one was impenetrable, needlessly specific and made no attempt to explain, enlighten or enrich listeners who are not highly familiar with the game. I've stopped listening midway through, even though I'd just run out of podcasts to listen to. This is not the first time a TMA episode has been about a game I don't play, or a genre I'm not familiar with, but always before you guys tended to explain your points, make allegories and so forth. This episode was like listening to two chess experts arguiong a specific match or the pros and cons of certain openings. I would expect this kind of content from a podcast called "This week in LoL", not one called TMA.