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  1. I'd like to thank this podcast for my current all-consuming World of Warships addiction. That game is good and interesting and thankfully for my wallet not entirely merciless in it's application of the micro-transactions. Mind you, I've been casting an eye at Rule the Waves as not content with upgrading a dreadnought, I now want to build them from scratch, construct a fleet and be Admiral. FML.
  2. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    This game. Hell. It makes me think of The Ballad of Halo Jones, and that is high praise for me, because I love those comics like nothing else.
  3. Yeah, that makes sense. As I got to the end of the tutorials in the demo later yesterday I began to see the complexity was being applied to things like trade and the concepts of national ideas and such. Had that old 'kinda overwhelmed' feeling again. I'd imagine having the complexity of all the Paradox games rolled into one grand title would be quite nightmarish in many ways, not least for the developers
  4. This seems a good place to ask, is there a valid historical reason that the EU games don't have a similar dynasty based system to Crusader Kings II? I'm playing the tutorials for EUIV now and hoping it grabs me in the same way CKII has. Certainly looking forward to the whole world being available and exploration playing a larger part.
  5. Idle Thumbs 118: A Simple Litter

    Man, I have been searching for that game with only the fuzziest idea of how the hell it was spelt. Thank you!
  6. Far Cry 3

    My best experience in Far Cry 3: Whilst stealthing around with my bow, I came across a terrible road accident with two dead pirates and a jeep that had clearly run them down. Two guys in the jeep got out to take a look, then one of them got back in the jeep and ran his mate over, sped off into the distance. Pirates. Gotta love 'em. Those crazy joyriding kids. Not a minute later a tiger came out of the undergrowth, stood growling at the dead pirates. While I'm marvelling at it being stuck in this behaviour for no apparent reason, new pirates turned up - "a fucking tiger!' blam blam blam. More dead pirates. Tiger exits, resplendent, stage left. Respect the tiger my friends. Always respect the tiger.
  7. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I joined because...well i had to.... this.... photo, it's pure goddamn Lording :-)