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  1. The game is up at stillworking.me. It’s still got some placeholder audio in the intro, but I’ve inserted the dialog you would have heard as text. Give it a shot! —————— A couple friends and I came up with the idea of a desktop simulator with two windows. One is where you're doing some kind of repetitive work, and the other is a twitch stream. The stream window occasionally moves and resizes itself, and you have to move it out of the way in order to keep working. We'd like to come up with some custom content for that twitch stream, maybe telling some kind of a story related to the work you're doing. I have no idea how it'll turn out in the end, but you can follow along here! I've got a very basic version up on heroku where you can "answer" "questions" while a stream plays (if the random streamer I picked is playing). https://immense-retreat-08775.herokuapp.com
  2. So many tiny bits of polish, added an extremely bare bones browser window for in game links, updated some chat behavior, fixed an issue around scrolling, added some extra player interaction, some end game fixes, window styling and other surprises.
  3. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out. To be honest I wasn't expecting to get so many little details in, but getting the polish in isn't so bad with a webpage. The game now has a shitty wizard. I've also gotten chats to show up in individual windows
  4. The main functionality is done and i've added a time limit to the thing so it has an end state. Now i've been adding some fun extra stuff - a text editor, trash directory, and chat app which plays back some text we're putting together.
  5. We've recorded our streams that we'll include in the game. I do feel like I have to put a minor warning that my friend did something kinda dumb at the end the Chip's Challenge stream, and a flash of a non-work safe website is visible. We'll be using a cut down version for the game, but you can get a preview of this stuff here: : https://www.twitch.tv/caseyponey/videos. On the programming side of things, I've added a title screen, intro questionnaire, and hooks for plugging in some audio we plan to record to play between questions. I've also changed some of the logic for moving around the streaming window so it moves and resizes independently. There might be other small fixes, but I've kind of lost track.
  6. We've pivoted our content to be solely based in the videos we have streamed. Instead of developing content for "work" we're going to use an iframe to bring in actual work you can do for these citizen science sites: https://instantwild.zsl.org/intro I also found this js window manager that was really simple to get up and running to help us get our desktop simulator idea across. https://github.com/davidfig/window-manager Here's a gif showing off some of the interactions - opening windows, not being able to close the stream window, the stream window randomly moving and stealing focus.
  7. A greatly simplified 2d take on ratchet and clank, and a great way to have fun. https://ryanzbone.itch.io/a-great-way-to-have-fun I streamed some of the development this weekend and included a commentary track. The game is fairly short so you may be able to finish it before the commentary is up, but the commentary is short too!
  8. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Thanks! I've updated the game to add in that feedback for when you hit an enemy, and a bit more for when they hit you. I also added a bit more feedback on what's going on with your character's abilities.
  9. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Thanks for playing! My whole life is about to totally change so yea, definitely biographical, but I thought interesting as this would be one last chance to throw myself into making something for a couple days without worrying about the survival of another human (for awhile at least).
  10. Similar face! That was pretty great!
  11. [RELEASE] Baboo!

    Interesting control mechanism, I didn't quite understand it at first, but then it hit me. Using the trackpad was kind of finicky (although it could just be that I'm in windows via bootcamp on a mac), I'd bet a mouse works a lot better. I ran into what I think is a bug where in the city, if you try to enter the labyrinth, you just enter the city again?
  12. [RELEASE] Batman Loves Him A Parallelogram

    This is great! Stylish art and was really funny to play.
  13. [RELEASE] Pizza Tonight!

    So good to make a sweet jump
  14. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    All this. Super cool idea
  15. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    And now it's done! Link is at the top and here! https://ryanzbone.itch.io/a-great-way-to-have-fun
  16. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Lots of progress made, only streamed part of it. It's an odd experience talking to what may or may not be anyone. A friend from Cleveland joined for a bit and my wife watched from the other room hah, so that's good. Anyways the game itself is pretty much done. It's balanced well enough I think, and now all that's left is some finishing touches with regards to sound. Tomorrow I plan on recording those.
  17. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Live now! https://www.twitch.tv/ryanzbone
  18. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Also this is now a devlog: - got the weapon progression done - have thoughts on how to do enemy progression. Pretty much every time your weapon upgrades, the enemy spawners will begin to send out new enemy types. Player object acts as a kind of god object and (hopefully) adds to an array that the spawners all keep track of containing the enemies to spawn in. Working in game maker is super weird coming from an object oriented background. Ideally I'd just have the player have a reference to some kind of notification system, the player notifies the thing that it leveled up and it would notify the spawners to update their enemy list - Also thoughts on what the enemies should be, need to be easy to implement and tweak so here's the idea - basic left and right based on collisions with environment - bigger basic w/ more health - fast random movement - bigger faster random movement w/ more health - jumping enemy (randomly jumps) - big jumper w/ more health - flying enemy (just doesn't have gravity applied) - bigger flying enemy w/ more health - dumb boss ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So that feels kind of like a massive amount, but we'll see what happens later tonight!
  19. That is an awesome point I had not caught. Another interesting thing, there's a lot of Demons' Souls callbacks, especially in the main hub area.
  20. Hyper Light Drifter

    Absolutely agree with this. My M.O. for these areas is to go kill the boss, then spend a ton of time just walking against the walls of each screen. Not fun, but cool when you find something weird. I found a really weird thing last night, a particular area in the west where you can go behind a tree and there's a fairly big area to move around and an area where you just get stuck. Here's a video of it, spoilers for what the west looks like I guess EDIT: thanks SuperBiasedMan
  21. [DevLog] Space Boxing!

    I recently started on an Asteroids\Splatoon inspired local multiplayer game where players fly ships around a battlefield using gravitational munitions to push and pull asteroids in an attempt to smash the other players. I'm a few weeks in and have something reasonably playable. Pretty much you shoot asteroids which break up and are painted by the explosions of your missiles. Asteroid bits that you've painted cannot hurt you but will hurt the other players. You have two types of missiles: implosive and explosive. The explosive ones apply outwards forces from the point of detonation and the implosive ones apply inwards forces at the point of detonation. You can shoot one of each at any one time and can detonate them on command. Bits you've painted can be painted by the other players and vice versa so they're always a chance to save yourself from impending doom. Currently asteroids are just sphere's and asteroid bits are cubes, but that'll change eventually. I've got up to 4 players configured control-wise but I've only got 2 controllers to test with at the moment so there's only two players in the world. Just today I began working on keeping track of game state, who's alive or dead and that kind of thing, so there's still a bunch to do, not even mentioning things like menus and balance. Anyways I'll probably update this weekly as more progress is made. If you guys are interested in play testing, please let me know as I'd love some feedback. Finally, here are some gifs! Here's some gameplay: This one is a silly experiment where I made missiles exert forces around them for the duration of their lives rather than just on detonation.
  22. [DevLog] Space Boxing!

    Great! You can just send me your email and I can send you a build every once in awhile. Looking forward to your feedback!
  23. Beautiful Unity Art Pack

    Nice, looks very "No Man's Firewatch"
  24. Antichamber

    Ugh, I just spent a ton of time trying to figure this one out.