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  1. Dreaming The Simulation Dream

    Open world games suffer especially from lack of simulation or lack of story to make simulation meaningful. The two polar examples are: Mount and Blade relies on simulation too much, making it feel more samey the longer you play, while Skyrim is story-driven, and its simulation is very thin. Once its thin simulation layer is pierced, Skyrim feels like a very hollow experience to me.
  2. It's not the years, Indie, it's the mileage

    The widespread use of 2d and "retro" art styles in indie games is largely because the production pipeline is within reach of a small team. Better tools are making that less of an issue though. I tend to judge craft within a style rather than the use of the style itself. A good example of excellent craft is Dishonored, which is technically not very impressive, but still looks amazing because the craft of the painted textures and character designs. Is it retro because it could have been made 5 years ago?
  3. Full Bore: Now on greenlight, with new trailer!

    Thanks! The band that did the music, Adjective Plural Noun, has a soundcloud page where you can hear some of the other songs from the game: https://soundcloud.com/adjectivepluralnoun
  4. Full Bore: Now on greenlight, with new trailer!

    I had pulled boar sandwich last thanksgiving. It was smoked, so the usual gamey flavor didn't come through, but it was pretty good.
  5. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Update: Full Bore By: Whole Hog Games www.gofullbore.com Available: In development, but vote for us on Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145273589 Synopsis: Full Bore is the journey of a young boar through the long-buried past. A block puzzler with an exploratory twist, you must figure out how the blocks around you behave to reach new areas of the world and uncover their mysteries- and their riches.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145273589 Hey Folks, Its been a while since I posted any news about my game, but development has kept me super busy. We just put up a Greenlight page, which features a new trailer showing off all the cool new stuff we have put in the game. In other news, we got invited to Indie Press Day: http://indiepressday.com/ which is a new press event for San Francisco bay area Indie studios. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the improvements we've made.
  7. Full Bore: Its a game I'm making

    We Just posted an update to the demo that fixes some issues. Also, there are lots of other cool updates we put up that you all should check out. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whole-hog-games/full-bore-an-underground-puzzle-adventure/posts
  8. Far Cry 3

    Argh! I am so sick of far cry 3 taking the control away from me right at the most crucial points. I wanted to have an epic firefight with vaas in the jungle, testing my skills against him, not suddenly have to play guitar hero to stab him! The game play in this game is so good, why does every story mission have a qte or new mechanic to complete it? What were the game designers thinking? This game has no respect for its players.
  9. Full Bore: Its a game I'm making

    Thanks so much! We just hit 50% funding after one week. I'm so happy!
  10. Full Bore: Its a game I'm making

    I'll see what I can do... We also want to make games with robots and dungeon insurance (in separate games).
  11. Full Bore: Its a game I'm making

    Yep, I'm Finn, I did all the animation, and most of the blocks and decorations. A graphic designer friend of ours helped out with some of the blocks, and Casey, our programmer helps out with pixel art too, since he's artistically inclined. The lighting engine was Casey's brainchild - the game was not as interesting to look at before he put that in.
  12. Full Bore: Its a game I'm making

    The title was deliberate, I would love to force some journalists to use terrible puns in their headlines. Thanks for the comments! The sprites are normal mapped (well, some of them, we're working on getting them all mapped) and the game has a real time lighting system. The darker levels look really neat.
  13. Hi Thumbs, I saw that someone else posted about the game they made here, so I was emboldened to talk about my own. I would love to get some feedback about it. The game is called Full Bore, and its a puzzle adventure platformer where the player interacts with the blocks of the levels to find treasure and explore the world. The blocks have different behaviors, and the player must learn and work with them to navigate. There is a demo available at www.gofullbore.com/demo or you can read/watch more about it at www.gofullbore.com. Additionally, the game has a great soundtrack, which you can preview through the site or hear on the demo. Thanks for reading, and I would love to respond to any comments or questions you have.
  14. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    :Tryme: Full Bore By: Whole Hog Games Available: Demo version for Windows on website www.wholehog-games.com/fullbore/demo Synopsis: A puzzle adventure game where the player controls a young boar who moves through a world made of blocks with different behaviors. More: www.gofullbore.com Full Disclosure: I am one of the developers working on this. Try my game?
  15. The Ethics of "Freemium" / Free-to-Play Design

    I have become more aware lately of the fact that my life is going by each minute. Consequently I have become very reluctant to give my time to a game unless it is going to deliver a significantly compelling experience. Most if not all MMOs and Free to play games want my time foremost, and seem reluctant to deliver a compelling experience in exchange. I am guessing a lot of free to players do not have much of a metric to compare their game experience in farmville with. Additionally, it seems like most free to play developers do not have any real point of reference for their own games, and to them the real game is their job. as an aside, in the previously linked video, I really liked Jonathan Blow's quote about the players of farmville being the tennant-farmers for their landlord Zynga (my paraphrase)