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  1. GTA V

    Wether or not you morally agree with those images messages/intents, Rockstar is still boss on creating iconographic memorable material, which is so hard to do in this day and age. I'm personally not offended, and I believe is a great piece of "graphic satire", is it going to be in the moma any time soon? I don't think so, yet it still cualitative way better than the usual Video game promo. Rockstar seem to be one of the few companies with an art department that actually know about fine art, contemprary art and media, unlike the usual run of the mill "I grew up with Video games" art director.
  2. Far Cry 3

    Aside of whatever satire/comentary Jeffrey Yohalem was trying to achieve with FC3, What breaks the narrative for me is the sterotypical/cartoony characters all over.. The islanders look, talk, and behave like stereotypes of pacific islanders from a 50s movie, its just.. Common dude, if you about to writte about a "people" in a contemporary context, at least research a bit about them, that would ad believability to the characters... Hence a stronger dramatic/satirical effect. Sory about any misspelling, posting from qn ipad here.
  3. Thank you! I bought both of them on the kindle store.
  4. What book would you guys recommend me to get into Chabon?
  5. He kept interrupting Hamilton every time he was trying to speak. Would be nice of him to actually hold up a little bit let others also speak, this particular podcast was mostly a monologue.
  6. Sleeping Dogs

    It weird me out too, I had the same feeling with GTA4 and the ballad of gay tony with "Luis Fernando Lopez" I'm Hispanic myself. It can also be just that the lack of diversity (protagonist / setting) in Video games is actually conditioning our expectations. I remember a forum discussion some guy was asking Rockstar to do a GTA game outside America, most people had negative reactions to the proposal.. so there is that.
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey there Video game people of the internet! I'm new to the site, I got here because of the Iddle thumbs podcast. I really like the critical-intellectual-esc, but also we don't take ourselves to serious video game conversation going on there. It has become my weekly ritual to listen to it. A bit about me: I'm a long life video game aficionado, mostly PC.. My parents wouldn't bought me a console, but you know I "needed" a PC for school. Eventually I got a degree in Architecture, I worked 4 years in it... and all the sudden I'm in a Video game school in vancouver. Yeah that sounds weird because it is. Anyway, I'm currently in my last term finishing my final Video game project, while also struggling to find time to play more XCOM! English is not my natal language, so I apologize for any grammatical disparity or phasing awkwardness.