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  1. Episode 464: Dota 2 Auto Chess

    OK, so I've been hearing about auto-chess for about a month but upon hearing your long form description I almost immediately thought of some of the more advanced tower defense mods of Warcraft 3. Specifically Elemental Tower Defense and Tower Defense Wars (video and some descriptions linked below), and since I was way more active in the days of Starcraft Broodwar and War3 in User Map Settings land I am pretty confident that most of the game components you've described come from there (with still more coming from the Elite Marine game style) - Gaining gold by killing mobs and for a clean sheet at the end of the round. Potential for interest at end of round on monies not spent during the round. - Upgrade paths in different tower classes (or in auto-chess hero choice paths). Potential to go hard into a class or mix up to 3 classes - Mostly a solo game battling the waves, but some ability to interact across players - RNG element and other player choices means that no two games are ever the same. - Addictive as hell Anyways, loved the show and maybe I'll give this mod a try since I haven't touched Dota in over a year at this point. This is all from memory, but if this isn't the first iteration of an Auto-Chess style game then it's got to be one of the earliest. https://forums.eletd.com/topic/945-basics-of-element-td/ https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Elite_marine