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  1. New podcast makes me happy. Loving the Dota. Hope you guys get some guests in future episodes. Knowing how many game developers/journalists play dota I'm sure it wouldn't be hard.
  2. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I think dota 2 keys are the new steam currency. I have 4 dota keys myself to give away. Would love to play some Ship games with anyone if they got extra keys.
  3. I got a few DOTA 2 beta keys if anyone is still looking to get in. Steam ID is
  4. I'm loving the Diretide stuff. It's a nice change of pace from regular old dota and I've gotten some rare items out of it. The teams I'm on usually just all rush the other sides pumpkin, no real strategy, just a fun halloween event. love it!
  5. Also just joined the thumbs forums. Looking for some Lording in Dota 2, If you see me in the Thumbs channel as B-Heart i'm always up for a game. I make a decent support, being a carry scares me hahah
  6. Bret Easton Ellis

    I've been a big fan of Ellis since I read American Psycho in the 90's and since then have read all his books so far. Less Than Zero is by far my favorite. You would enjoy the sequel to Less Than Zero called Imperial Bedrooms which came out in 2010 as it catches up with all the characters in the middle age of thier lives. The Less Than Zero movie adaptation is also great as a wierd anti-drug movie with Robert Downey Jr from the 80's during his drug addict years haha Few people liked that movie as it was torn to shreds by film critics and audience members when it came out. I enjoyed it, even if it did change up some of the storylines from the book.